Tuesday, April 10, 2012


By Robin

I think we're on week 7. If not, it would be week 8.

I've had to buy mid-supports because the cucumber & bean fences are collapsing under the weight. I also pulled the bean mid-sections out away from the cucumbers because they were fighting & clinging to each other. I stood on a chair to take this picture.


Right on time, these are blooming. I cannot wait to have my own peas. This is a first for me!


Here is our little guy. I have 5 plants but 3 are new and the other older one was accidentally pulled out by a dog and replanted by me. (not happy!)

I had to photograph this because it was putting out a purple leaf that deserved some attention.


I do have my weekly photos of the entire group but will hold onto them for another week. I like to compare week by week on the same plants.

I did pick my first cucumber two days ago. I also picked kale, which was filled with aphids. A little soapy water and they all drop off. So, with that in mind, I sprayed my plants top AND bottom-side with soapy water yesterday. Some leaves were clean and some leaves were heavily populated.

God bless,

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