Monday, April 16, 2012


by Robin

We're eating something almost daily out of the garden. That makes cooking so much more fun. I cleared off the camera this morning (because I'm on ice for my back) and found some gems to share with you.

They're in order, as taken throughout the week. So far, we've picked & eaten 5 cucumbers, 2 squash, 2 helpings of green beans, and 2 servings of kale. Kale chips are not as awful as I read about. Infact, if you season them right, they become somewhat addictive like potato chips. Of course, a carnivore like my husband may choose to disagree with my assessment of the new household snack. His thoughts were more along the line of "survival food" for a desperate situation ONLY.



This is MY FAVORITE!! Once in a while, I take a book-worthy photo.


Take care everyone!! This is a big week of testing for our family. Pray for us!

God bless America,

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