Tuesday, April 3, 2012


by Robin


Gardening was a passion of my Dad's. Well, not so much all gardening, but was definitely into his tomato plants. He watered & fertilized them. One year, they went well over 6 ft high. He sparked so much of my interested in growing veggies, which now has become this terribly out-of-control hobby. ha ha.


Year after year, I'd take my toddler(s) into the garden and let them put seed in. At harvest time, I would let them pick my cherished garden presents.


Today, I was out taking my weekly pictures of the garden plants and examining the blooms. The female squash blooms had some larva feasting in them. On the other side of the garden, I disappeared between the rows to help pollinate my cucumber plants until the honey bees do a better job. When I stood up, my 12 yr old was with me. He was curious examining plant after plant. He's a bug guy at heart. We found an insect that mimics a spider. He saw different types of bees. I showed him the larva & remaining eggs. It was fun.


When we came inside, he came to me and said these words, "Mom, for a minute there, I wasn't bored. I had a lot of fun in the garden with you." It was like sweet music to my ears. Years and years of gardening and somebody seemed to enjoy it with me.

But then, as warm & fuzzy as those feelings were, I had an adrenalin rush of shock when it hit me that God probably feels the same way about us when we finally dust off our Bibles and seek Him for something. Why is it that I sometimes dread spending time with Him? When I get lost in His Word, I really enjoy myself. I really do need to look forward to sharing those times with Him and let the responsibilities of my day just melt away for 30 minutes or an hour. The world will not stop revolving because I enjoy some time with my Heavenly Father.

I want to encourage you this Holy Week to spend some time with God too.


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