Monday, June 25, 2012


Oh my.... where do I even begin on the garden?  God has taken us from our drought into the rainy season in a matter of days. As I type this, TS Debby is giving us a soaker sure enough to ruin what's left growing out there.

Ok, well, let me go through with what's going on in the pictures.  This pic was taken late May and as you can see, I had a GREAT crop of Big Mama Roma tomatoes about to turn color.  One by one, they were disappearing on the fence.  I've always known the squirrels to take a couple through the year, but once we got to something like 20, I had had it!  Let's just say, some of my little tree rats are with Jesus in their mansion of a nut-filled tree.  As of late June, I have yet to eat one stinkin' decent Roma tomato from my bushes.  They're still hanging in there, too, inspite of the heat. 

Here is garden #1.  The zucchini produced one nice zuke before they died out.  It wasn't so much a leaf death as it was a rotting of all the blooms from all the rain.    The cherry tomatoes, filling mostly the back, are still alive but not as full as they once were.  I am picking a ton of red cherry toms off them, but I'm afraid the full sun & heat are pushing them to their limits.  We shall see if they survive all this rain too.  I have been spraying them for spider mites but only 1x/wk.  We still eat off the herbs & onions every day.


Well, this garden is a disaster... doing okay.  The entire backside is DONE.  Once the nights went over 70 degrees, everything died out.  I harvested what I could, keeping some seeds and freezing the rest. The peppers are producing but very slowly.  I put on that Epsom Salt spray 4x now  (approx every 10 days) and I'm thinking I will quit that.  My last bell pepper looked funny.  I seem to have 2 chocolate pepper plants.  My first jalapeno is on its way.  The kale is alive, most of it, anyhow.  I give some away because I cannot eat it all. The okra is small here but as of the 24th, it is a serious 4 ft high and producing best of everything out there.  Again, I'm harvesting & freezing back for my winter soups.  Jack calls them my Okra Trees. I'm thinking I may go out there later today and tie them to a fence.  These winds from TS Debby is making them lean over. 


While I don't have a picture of it, my new herb garden is finally taking off with all the rain.  I'm going to like it closer to the house and surrounded by a walkway.  Even my asparagus is doing well.  It is an experimental year, but who knows... they look good.   I'm also desperately trying to get my dill to reseed and take off.  It germinates but not too sure about taking off.

God bless and keep looking for my blogs this week.  I'll have to free time with all this rain & one child gone to camp.


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