Saturday, February 9, 2013


by Robin

I am so sorry that so many of you are snowed under a few feet of snow.  I'm really not  bragging but Florida couldn't be having a nicer winter - E-V-E-R!!!!!  in my 10 yrs of being in Central FL. 
Jack worked on the car & the boat today while I had a full day of work in the gardens.  I got a tan working outside today.

First thing I had to do was pick what was ripe or done growing!

 photo 2013-02-09122531FebPicks.jpg

Then, it was already lunch time.  Yeah...that's how I roll on weekends.  I don't rise at the crack of dawn, either.  LOL. 

 photo 2013-02-09123257salad.jpg

Next, it was time to clear out all the cauliflower plants.  I left just a couple that were to the side but everything else went.  I'm going to freeze back my excess.  Then, I heavily pruned my 'suckers' on the cherry tomato WALL (that's what I'm going to start calling it).  After that, I sprayed it down with Neem Oil to kill off the spider mites that were taking over the first few tomatoes on the right side of the garden.  You have to stay on top of them or they will take over & kill your entire crop. 

 photo 2013-02-09170734tomgarden.jpg

Then, I was able to pull back my irrigation lines & till the mid-section. My eldest, Simon Peter, helped me throw in a couple rows of chicken wire to make for a trellis.  Then, he quickly disappeared leaving me to transplant all my campari & ugly ripe babies.  (Isn't that just like kids??) 

In the 2nd garden, it was time to transplant what I wanted to keep.  I moved some cabbage into that front row so that I could make for a full empty row.  I had sweet bell pepper seedlings that are growing right now for that area.  I put my epsom salt mixture on the jalapenos to help fertilize them for the upcoming growing season.  You can see they are a little yellow. I had 6 survivors that I hope will make it as the spring heats up. 

 photo 2013-02-09152921Garden2.jpg

I did not pull out the broccoli, although I seriously contemplated it.  I will order my seed for that area before I pull them.  I am going to try to make the best of utilizing the stalks & leaves for meals until all that gets switched over to spring crops.  Tiki is on stand-by for any lizard or snake killing duty.

Sometimes I get a little too ambitious and my hobby turns into full-time work.  There are so many things to plant and so little space.  Jack and I had considered adding another couple hundered square feet again but it overwhelmed both of us just thinking about what needed to be done.  Instead, we are going to do our best to focus on enclosing the tomato garden with shade netting & possibly some butterfly/moth and squirrel defense. 

Now, I need to spend some serious time in prayer.  We desperately need rain.  Drip irrigation is a wonderful thing, but nothing can replace what the good Lord gives us.  As I worked the soil, I could see that it was in serious need of any moisture. 

Take care & Happy Gardening.

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