Monday, May 6, 2013


by  Robin

We had a pretty big month filled with great things.  The garden & chickens are keeping me very busy, but while I was busy with that, somebody grew up on me!

Yep, he's got his license.

  photo 2013-04-026.jpg

A couple weeks ago, Jack and I had an overnight trip to John's Pass. What a beautiful little town.  I can't wait to go back again.

 photo 2013-04-021.jpg

We had intended to do an overnight charter trip on this boat but the trip was cancelled for bad weather.  We still enjoyed time with friends and a great dinner.  Our boys enjoyed their time with another great family and had the best time hanging out & rehearsing bluegrass music.
 photo 2013-04-023.jpg

The following weekend, we travelled to Barberville Spring Frolic to perform!!  I'm so proud of our kids.  They rehearsed for months and put together a 30 min set and played it twice. 
 photo 2013-04-27111852.jpg

My youngest picked up a new instrument in the process.  He was playing the wash drum bass.  Very cool toy... um, I mean instrument. :)

 photo 2013-04-27110927.jpg

I'll have to downsize new garden pictures.

I was blessed to have eaten my first zucchini yesterday.  We also picked blueberries and can't wait to make more jam.  Cucumbers are coming & the jalapenos are overflowing again.  Beans are close to picking. 

I added a new plant to the garden - turnips!  And they're coming in like gang-busters.  I guess I had better figure out how to cook them.

God bless,

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