Friday, July 12, 2013


by Robin

I'm sure I could have found WAY better things to do with my time this afternoon.  I had a headache but couldn't sleep because the kids were out playing and I was listening for them.  I heard thunder rumbling. Figured chaos would ensue soon enough, but it never did.  Instead, I took some pictures of my new haircut (in layers) and then thoroughly enjoyed getting creative with the pictures.  I didn't want to one day look back and realize I never had any pictures of me my entire life. I'm always the photographer and never photographed.

So, I started off rather benign. Simple photo. Good enough for any basic social media with a low-grade camera. I did have to cut out my mole as it was catching every single ray of sun that came through the window.

 photo DSC00168Robin1.jpg

Goodness, I can do better than look like Glenda, the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz, minus the pink dress, cap and wand. So this came next. I feel like this one best depicts who I see in the mirror, especially on Sunday.  Most days of the week, I do not put on eye liner and mascara.  I threw a little sepia in for good a measure of mystery.

 photo DSC00182robin2.jpg

Yeah, now I'm feeling a little bit better about being in my upper 40's. Anybody can look good if you click enough of the right buttons.

Case in point. Take a stupid picture of yourself making the duck or kissy face. Make it low light. Or if you can't, add gobs of contrast. Turn it black-n-white for a pinch of sophistication (otherwise, you have definitely gone trashy redneck). Then, make it grainy so nobody can see your wrinkles. ha ha.  Please don't tell me if you can find the wrinkles. Really. I don't want years of therapy.

   photo DSC00179RobinBlkWh.jpg

 Ok, well, I hate good fairies and/ or sexy looks on me, so let's go for teenage goofy. This is something my niece, Mimi, would definitely be proud of Aunt Robin for taking. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Never take yourself so seriously that you can't blog a hideous picture of yourself with your tongue sticking out and eyes nearly crossed. I like my background effect here.  It's a little Looney Tunes-ish.

   photo DSC00186Goofy.jpg

Below, I can't see anything that resembles me with this duck face. I don't know if it's the shading or the angle of pretending to being high society. I punked this one up, for the sake of growing up in the 80's. My blog needs some color, right?

   photo DSC00187Polaroid.jpg

By the this time, I'm totally wasting time. This picture wasn't even focused. I overly cropped it. Overly contrasted it. Not sure it's even me. Are you?   Add layers of weird buttons and then stamp it up like a Hitchcock movie. I think this would be my first album cover, if I ever made one. I think my cousin Courtney would be proud. Me thinks she would like this one... but I could be wrong. I'm often wrong. Just ask my kids.

   photo DSC00190Albumcover.jpg

Well, hope you got some laugh, at my expense. I know I did.

 Have a great weekend and go do something much more productive with your time.


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Renee said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! <3 you!