Monday, July 8, 2013

Blueberries EVERYWHERE!!

by Robin

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 What in the world do you do with 23 lbs of Blueberries?? Well, first thing is that you have to cool them down to room temperature. When we picked them, it was 87 degrees in the morning. They sweat. As soon as we got home, we spread them out.

 photo 2013-07-06172311JamJars.jpg

Right away, I made some blueberry jam. I bought some half-pints that I thought would hold them nicely.

   photo 2013-07-06173607Jam.jpg

Before you knew it, I had 9 and a half jars already on the counter, cooling. Do not forget that blueberries are very messy!! Every time I make jam, I use my oldest kitchen towels.

   photo 2013-07-06172246Messy.jpg

 Then, I put a couple gallon baggies into the freezer right away (after washing & removing stems). That proved to be a great idea. Sunday, I did not get the rest into the frig and I noticed some of them were beginning to ferment right on the kitchen table. Today, I took care of the remainder ones. Bagged another gallon freezer bag's worth. Made a homemade blueberry pie with another 4 cups. Then, put the rest in the frig for eating fresh. Oh how I love them with my oatmeal for breakfast. Jack loves them as a dessert with yogurt.

   photo 2013-07-08152113Blueberryfilling.jpg

 Here is my pie filling. Very simple recipe. Throw into one of those pre-made store-bought pie crusts, throw a little egg wash on there and cook about 30 minutes. So EASY! I need to grab a piece right now because my mouth is watering.

 God bless!

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