Saturday, July 20, 2013


by Robin

I hope you don't mind that I"m going to munch on some sweet potato fries while I am blogging about our dinner.

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Wow.  One thing lead to another and it all came together beyond my expectations.

I was dreading chopping up another salad.  I was peeling off the leaves of a nice head of romaine lettuce and as I did that, they reminded me of little boats.  They were screaming for something scrumptious to fill them with.  But what??

All week, Jack has been making these homemade desserts.  He's been mixing cherries, peaches, granola and yogurt together.  So, that became my second inspiration.  I wanted something cool & refreshing in my boats.

I grabbed a handful of cheeries (pitted) - chopped.  Then, used half of a peach - chopped.  Pounded a crunchy granola bar and poured it in with the fruit.  I diced up 1 peeled zucchini for my chunked veggie. Ok... then I had to think hard because I didn't want yogurt.  I did have some feta cheese in the frig, so approx 1/2 a cup of that went into the bowl. (For some reason, I can handle feta in small amounts but nothing from a cow.)  Looking like it's becoming something good.

What next???

I needed a binder that was friendly to my joints.

Hummus!  I added a couple tablespoons (generous) into the bowl and mixed.     

 Happy Face!!  
 photo 2013-07-20064349SummerSailingWords.jpg

I quickly filled the boats and rang the bell.  Guys came from all corners of the house (I do have them trained as well as Pavlov's dogs.).  First up, Jack.  One down.  Two down.  Three down.  He's loving them.  We have a winner!!  

Simon Peter's next.  He eats one, but I noticed he was really slow.  Doable but he preferred the sweet potato fries with some mac-n-cheese for a side.

Andrew left claw marks on the wall trying to avoid all signs pointing to lettuce.  LOL.  He did take one big bite, chewed and swallowed.  He wasn't unkind but did ask if he could make something else.  I think I was successful if he didn't like it.  He does not appreciate my healthy meals as much as I do.

I ate three of them myself.  Very satisfying sweet, crunchy, chewy goodness.  Perfect for summer while trying to stay trim.  I thought about calling them 'Let us' boats.

Let us be thankful for each and every day.  Every day is a gift from God.  Let us be thankful for one another. Let us be thankful for a Savior that wants to have a personal relationship with him.


PS: This blog is dedicated in the memory of Steve M, who is greatly missed.  

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