Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday 5pm

by Robin

Where does time go?

Monday flies into Fridays.  Fridays fly right back into Mondays.  Sometimes, I'm so confused as to how I could have better spent my time and why did the house not get cleaned another week in a row. Why is it that we can write secret messages in the film at the bottom of a toilet bowl?  (You don't want to know the story behind that.)

Raising children takes time.  Talking through heart issues.  Explaining why two negatives becomes a positive. Why does air become depleted and water take its place?  How one's brother is not an idiot and while we're on the subject, you can't leave the front door wide open when we leave the house again.

Where does the day go?  Neighbors want to chat a moment before asking for their grass to be cut for free.  Spontaneous trips to lunch before volunteer time.  Practicing Spanish replies to questions I can barely understand. My second language is ASL not Spanish!  Running over a birthday card to a friend's house and picking up a missing page to a quiz at a student's house.  Planting a few swiss chard seeds to fill in the gaps before the next storm comes.

Time just keeps ticking on.  Time waits for nobody. And time certainly doesn't slow down for Mama's to enjoy their babies before they get big and go college.

I thought I was going to cry through a conversation about applications to admissions and dorm rooms at the college just a little too far to drive to every day.  I can't explain the relief I felt when he adamantly wanted to stay home and commute to the smaller college around the corner. I could handle the thoughts of scholarship requirements and what to take next but not the one about leaving.

And in minutes, we'll fly from that busy week into the busy weekend.  Weddings to football to church to more homework before Monday comes again. It's a viscous cycle that feels a bit more tornadic.

And that's o.k. because God's grace ......  is sufficient for today.  Do not worry about tomorrow because that has enough challenges of its own.  I'm going to enjoy a Friday night with the family. My work here is done.

Physical Science, Exp 3.1 from Robins Reports on Vimeo.

5 pm Friday,


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Renee said...

Too true! Time is flying! Love you!