Saturday, October 26, 2013


by Robin

 Full Garden.  There are some empty spots that I'm having trouble keeping things growing.  Water lines may be plulgged.  I have reseeded some spots 3x and still have nothing.  I have a winter batch of tomatoes in tubs in case we get freezes.  photo DSCN3849FullGarden.jpg

Beefstake tomatoes.  Seeds saved on paper towels from Farmer's Market in New Smyrna, FL.   photo DSCN3850Beefstake.jpg

Campari tomatoes and Turnips.  Seeds from live fruit from Publix grocery store.  Turnip seeds from Home Depot. photo DSCN3859CampariTurnips.jpg

Lettuce blend. (Swiss Chard not in pic, but in garden.)  Burpee seed.
 photo DSCN3855Lettuce.jpg

Italian Broccoli. (Also American variety not in picture)  All my own seed saved from last spring. photo DSCN3856ItalBroccoli.jpg

Cauliflower. Seedlings from feed store since they were late getting planted. photo DSCN3857Cauliflower.jpg

Cabbage.  Last year's seed from company. photo DSCN3858Cabbage.jpg

Black Bean Bloom.  This is a drying, heirloom variety. photo DSCN3853BBB.jpg

I decided to only grow one garden this fall. I was awfully busy with starting up school but then I also convinced myself this was the right thing because I want to start a spring garden in early February (risking frost). Many of these won't be done growing until that time or LATER. So, I thought it would be nice to have an entire section open for squash, cucumbers, beans, kale, peppers, etc.

 Happy Gardening. The weather is just beautiful for weeding (or watching football).


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