Wednesday, October 9, 2013


by Robin

I don't know where to begin nor do I know where I'm going.  The story of my life.  LOL.

First, I guess I should say that my blog will be bland for the next week or so.  My big pc has gone to the big Processor in heaven.  The part can be replaced but that takes time. Meanwhile, my hubby left me speechless by running to the neighboring city and buying me a Galaxy Notebook.  Wow.  I am so grateful for his sacrifice to keep me connected with the world.  Thank you babe!  (I know you're reading.)

For now, I have borrowed my son's laptop because it makes typing so much easier and he's gone for another hour.  :)

We did finally recover from the virus.  Colloidal silver has made a believer out of me.  Jack and I took it with the first onset of symptoms and stopped it dead in its tracks.  Unfortunately, my eldest still was exposed & feeling symptoms before I could get to the store to buy it.  He had shortened fever but still suffered with the sore throat, sinus and cough mess.  Praise God, though, nobody ended up with any secondary infections.

If running a full schedule and playing make-up wasn't enough, my poor dogs were both vomiting multiple times a day.  At first, I thought it was the abrupt change of kibble.  I ran out of the other and couldn't find our brand in the big size so I bought Kibbles and Bits.  Once the 2nd week of vomits and several loads of sheets and rugs were done, I could no longer look into their big brown eyes and give them another bowl of that poison.  So far, no vomits today.

I bought my first pumpkin of the season!!  There is much merriment on what to carve into it.  For sure, more pumpkins will need to be bought to satisfy each design.  I'm having a pinterest moment myself.

This month is Pastor Appreciation Month (or Clergy) and so I was able to spend some morning time making a couple 10-egg Pound Cakes.   We're going to deliver it this afternoon for the pastors to enjoy the next couple of days.  I'm excited that Pearl, Caroline, Harris and Eaton all participated in Pastor Appreciation too.  Thank you girls for your faithfulness to the egg box. The house smells so delicious.

The garden is coming along nicely.  The beans are about to make blooms and I could probably pick my first leaves of Swiss Chard.  I do have a nice picture of it but that will have to wait a while before I can share.

Homeschooling is going well.  I should be grading some Quizzes right now for my Civics class.  In a moment....

Our deaf ministry has gone through some growing pains and changes but God has blessed me with a Word confirming that we're all still working in His plan.  I am still missing a dear friend who was called away but not missing the drama from others.  I am bathing so much of it in prayer and new roles are assigned.  The best thing I can do is stay obedient and serve only Him.

Well, I need to check on the cakes and then pack up for the pediatricians check-ups.  Not for me... I wish.  The kids.  My geriatric checks ups are later.  LOL.

God bless you and USA,

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