Monday, October 21, 2013


by Robin

Trying to get these posted up for friends to enjoy viewing!  We had a manhunt party on Friday.  In short, it is just a hide-n-seek party for older teens, in the dark, with flashlights and camo clothes. But, they also played cards and danced in the LR too.  Lots of fun.  Here are some highlights.

First batch of kids.  Three sisters and the neighbor.

 photo Picture374Cards.jpg  photo Picture376Pumpkins.jpg  photo Picture391.jpg

Somebody wanted to kidnap our bunny Lulu.  Is it kidnapping if the bunny is a willing participant?

Jack loaded the smoker down with ribs and chicken. The other grill had corn on the cob.  The house oven had beans, plus all the cold sides in the frig. Feeding an army?

 photo Picture386.jpg

Through the big meal, the number of kids began to grow.  Jack lead them in some yard football, although it looks a little like a prayer meeting.

 photo Picture400Huddle.jpg  photo Picture404Football.jpg  photo Picture405Ladies.jpg

Then, a few more kids came and it was time to go over the rules and boundaries. Sadly, we had 6 cancellations. Boo.

 photo Picture411Leader.jpg  photo Picture410Group.jpg

Picking teammates by alternating feet, I think.

 photo Picture416Shoes.jpg

Hard to get a clear pick as night was falling and the kids were ready to go.  This is the best of 3.

 photo Picture414Gang.jpg

Eventually, I joined them to walk the lot and street to check on kids.  I look mean but I really just baked 3 dozen chocolate cookies to hand out for that late-night sugar rush.

 photo Picture426Mom.jpg

Awww, c'mon.  Get up and dance with the girls!  I have no idea how we went from manhunt to dance party, but it did.  I think it was too humid outside.

 photo Picture430Couch.jpg

Everyone getting the sillies.

 photo Picture431blurFun.jpg

Hug me brother.  I almost missed this shot!

 photo Picture446BrotherlyHug.jpg

Hard saying good-bye.  We'll see some of you in 2 wks for Contra-Dancing and Bluegrass music.

 photo Picture445MattElizSm.jpg

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