Thursday, October 3, 2013


by Robin

Determining Total Surface Area kicked my butt yesterday, but I'm coming back for you today.

And if I can't kick your butt, my eldest son will.  (Love having an engineer- math brain in the family!)

For those of you who are totally paralyzed in fear over the above picture, I'm posting up a chicken picture to relax you. Carry on.

I have 4 birds (my current egg layers) who are totally into pasta this morning.  Peaches and Mallory are arguing about who is going to hold out on laying eggs the longest. 

God bless,

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Laura Lane said...

I love it! We use Teaching Textbooks Algebra for my 10th grade daughter. She ran up on an equation she just couldn't get. I cannot even tell you what it's called. I couldn't do it myself. So...

I sat down beside her and picked up a pencil.

Then we watched each step of the problem and did it ourselves, too.
I'd say, " I got xxxxx on this line. What did you get?" Then we'd watch and see what the guy on TT did.

I don't know how much help I was, but misery loves company. ~smile~

Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage