Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 9: Thankful for Sin Found Out

by Robin

This morning, we were in search for a missing phone.  I was certain it must have fallen between the cracks and stayed hidden under the bed.  The problem was finding time to deal with pulling toys out, crawling in dust bunnies and grit with a flashlight and searching.  It was easy to ignore it for a while but eventually, we needed that phone for our child as the days have grown shorter and darker.  Why did I take so long to find that "safety" a phone brings?  Because it was easier to avoid dealing with the hard work.

Life is like that.  How many times do I avoid going to God in prayer and digging in His Word for His security?  Really now, Robin, how hard is it to pull out the Good Book and read a couple chapters?  There is so much comfort and wisdom in His Word.  Why do I see it some days as a chore?  like I'm crawling through dust bunnies and grit?  Why do I blame being busy?  Who allows me to get so busy?  Me.  There is only One who is blameless before God and it ain't me!

I have no idea why.  He calls me.  I hear it clearly.  I ignore it.

After finding the phone, we were determined to do a deep clean on the room.  Finding a home for some toys, clothes, a pair of shoes.  Reclaiming pencils that have lost their way over the three months from the pencil bucket.  Putting up endless books that I did open while avoiding God's Word.  (Shame on me! How could I think I could do ANYTHING without Christ being first in my life.)

And then..... then, I found it.

Something that disappoints any Mama's heart.

You thought you raised them better than that but they didn't run away from sin but towards it. I wonder if God thinks that way about me.  Do I disappoint Him and make Him wonder about His parenting skills?

For Day 9, I am THANKFUL that my sin is "found out", or revealed.  Darkness cannot live where there is light.

You have set our iniquities before you,
    our secret sins in the light of your presence. - Psalm 90:8

Today, I will be so relieved to return to the Father and His embrace of love and forgiveness just as I will embrace my child with love and forgiveness.  I think we both could spend a lot more time in the Father's Word and prayer.   

God tells us that we're all sinners who fall short of His glory and perfection but that there is hope through faith in His (Jesus') blood for our sins.  (Rom 3:23-25)  

And THAT is something to be THANKFUL about. 

In His care,

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