Saturday, December 7, 2013


by Robin

I'm having such a hard time with pain in my body and sometimes my medicine isn't working so I am desperate.  Fibromyalgia stinks.

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After watching a movie about being "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dying", I have decided that this may be more fun than eating salads.  I have eaten salads until I am blue in the face and it is no longer fun or tasty.  The people in the movie said it was pretty good and so I thought this may be the next best option.

This is Joe Cross' recipes for the 3-day weekend juicing.  I do like the morning one.

Here is the recipe for the Mean Green drink.  For me, the kale taste was so strong I almost couldn't do it.  I added some carrots and oranges to help me get into the first couple.

Before, when I first went primarily vegan and was able to get off all medications, I was also eating no processed food and eating 2 meals a day that were raw.  I never felt as good as I did back then.  So, this falls basically under the same principles of getting more raw into my diet and staying away from animal proteins.

If you get the opportunity to watch the movie, I'm sure it is at libraries and also on Netflix.   This link also had the movie in its entirety.

I also plan on growing much more kale and cucumbers in the spring to help cut down on the costs.

I'll let you know about my progress from time to time.

Happy Juicing.

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