Thursday, January 30, 2014


by Robin

You know, we humans are so spoiled with our coffee and fireplaces on these cold mornings.  But, my hens did not like this cold nor the rain that came with it.

They've been hanging on my porch all morning.  I'm pretty certain they're having a good conversation.

 photo 2014-01-29213553HenParty1.jpg

Have a blessed week and try to stay off those roads this week.


Sunday, January 26, 2014


by Robin

I am not a certified ASL interpreter but I am fortunate enough that God has called me to a signing ministry at my church and I am able to sign to the Deaf.  

Today, our pastor was speaking on Exodus Ch 2 & 3, Moses' bad decision to kill the Egyptian man, resulting in him being a murderer and then, rejected by his own people.  At 40 yrs of age, his life changed dramatically as he went from being a son of Pharaoh to a shepherd to his father-in-law's flock.  He spent the next 40 yrs in training for how to lead sheep.... Israelites.   At the age of 80, Moses went to deliver his people (God's people) out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.

So, the clincher to the story is Rocky V's final fight scene.  Rocky gets beat by the young Tommy Gunn and is totally down.  He cannot seem to find the strength within to get up one more time.  And then, Rocky remembers Mickey, his father-in-law and trainer, who kept telling him to get up.  "Get up!  Get up, you bum!"

 You have to remember, I'm signing all this which is looking a LOT more like a mime or game of charades.  

So, can you guess what happens next?

Yes,... the theme song from Rocky.  It is blaring across the church's sound system.  The pastor is doing little jump/ bouncing movement.  Me too.  He's got his arm's up to block shots.  Me too.  He throws a couple jabs.  Me too.  (Are you laughing hysterically yet?   I was.)

Then, the music stops and the story continues.  Rocky gets up and says, "Yo, Tommy."   LOL.  Yeah, that was fun to do in ASL.  Too fun.  Rocky throws the right hook, taking Tommy to the ground.  Rocky wins.   Yeah Rocky.  Yeah me.  (Maybe I'm taking this scene a little too seriously.)

Moral of the story:  It took memories of a dead man to light a passion inside Rocky and have him rise again.  Same as what Jesus did for us, saving us from defeat and death and then, giving us life.  

As for the connection with Moses, I wonder if he heard the Rocky theme music as he parted the Red Sea?

Saturday, January 25, 2014


by Robin

I barely bare my soul here anymore.  I use to contemplate deep things and write long stories.  Mostly, I keep it short and sweet.  Not sure if the NSA is reading my every word.  But tonight, will be different.

Sometimes I don't understand God's plan.  I pray and pray.  I need a massive dose of revelation.  Instead, God gives me bits and pieces of answers to other, lesser things.  Why do I continue in the mysterious fog?  Why wouldn't God reveal every last detail of His calling to me?

God's timing.  I know it is perfect.  He reveals things only in His timing.  I think about Joseph and Mary.  Suppose God had revealed the entire plan of Jesus' life on the very first dream.  Maybe it would have been too much for them.  I would have been for me.  What if Joseph knew that being in jail for years was part of the plan in order for his father and brothers to bow down to him. I wonder how many times Noah questioned why he was to build an ark when he'd never seen the first rain drop.  And how many steps did Isaac take knowing that he was the sacrificial offering for his father, Abraham?  And he still walked on in complete obedience. Why?

These are heroes in the faith for me.  People who had calling and did not always understand where God was taking them.  I think it was the prophet Jeremiah who preached and preached and never saw one person who come to know God as Almighty Father.  No repentance.  No personal reflection.  No amen in his finer points of the sermon.  How did he continue week after week, year after year.

Why?  Why does God put His faithful followers through the test of personal suffering, confusion, and misunderstanding.  Why does the cross we carry seem heavier with every step instead of looking like a massive success story for the Prosperity Gospel?  Why?

I have such strong emotions with this particular ministry.  I love it and want to bless such a “thirsty” people group and yet, it has so many headaches too.  I love people but I’m not very good with dealing with people.   I’m particularly fast to put my walls up and find peace in my own corner, sucking on my own thumb with my blankie covering my legs.  Sometimes I feel like I am such the wrong person for the job. 

I know God called me.  That’s all I know.  I don’t know why.  But, He did.  I don't know if I'll ever see all that God sees with His divine plan.  

Maybe I have to go sulk under a fig tree like Jonah, hating on my ministry until my fig tree dies.  I really do like gardening.  Will I care more for the shade, the fig tree or the people?  

I think I already have my answer.  I will care for others.  I always have, and always will.  I have this strange knack for loving the unlovely and I bleed copious amounts of mercy every where I go. I will continue fighting demonic attacks.  I will fight the good fight until He changes my path.  If my race is over, I will pray that God sees that I did my best to finish the race with excellence.  

But, all I can think of tonight is Why?

Those are my ponderings tonight.

Friday, January 24, 2014

ATLAS V Last night!

Photos by Robin
Still going through the neighbor's trees.

Finally, I have some clear shots and they're on long exposure so that is why you see the stream and not a single capture.

It is making the arch.

Ok, below is the professional's version of what I was trying to do.  Someday, I'm going to grow up and become better at photography.  ha ha.  The photographer is "Space Coast Snapshots". 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


by Robin

Tonight will begin a long few days of extremely cold weather (extreme for FLORIDA!).  So, I'm cooking up a storm in the kitchen today.

First, I wanted to use up some dried beans.  Nothing like combining split green peas with Thanksgiving's leftover, frozen, smoked turkey legs.  Now, there is no meat in this dish but I definitely used the flavoring of the smoke to give this very veggie and green dish some extra dimension for the kids' sakes. I threw in the traditional carrot, celery and onion to make the broth.  (Shhhh, don't tell the kids there is also a small turnip cooked in there.  )

Then, once everything was softened, I blended the bulk of it with a little bit of broth and make a puree.  Oh goodness!  So full of flavor.  I love it!  Plus, I have broth put back for whatever else I make in the next day or two.

In the bread machine, I have a loaf of bread rising and will be cooked in another hour.  Yum.

Then, Jack put in his request for sugar cookies.  I think this sounds very reasonable.  Not too hard, not too soft, not too thick....  but as Goldilocks would say, "Just right!"

Stay Warm!

Monday, January 13, 2014


by Robin

This can apply to any tomato.  Store or farmer's market.  Heirloom or regular.

My method is much gentler and I don't have to waste not eating my tomatoes either. When you cut up your grocery store toms, you always have seeds left on the cutting board. Slide them onto a napkin and let them air dry. Then, it is easy to cut them into individuals. Don't worry about removing napkin. Put right into ground.

I still think this is interesting. I like that this method removes the bad seeds.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

AN IDEA!!!! - Winter project!

Right now, we're combining a little bit of  Pinterest with my Gardening skills. Trying to create an area that the chickens are destroying and are dirtying up my deck INTO a beautiful addition to our backyard.

We're taking wooden palates and making them into vertical gardens.  One will hopefully hold strawberries and the other will have lettuce & herbs.  Down on the ground level, we'll have a huge surplus of herbs.

Between the plants are bricks to keep the chickens from digging down and making dirt baths.  I also lined it with fencing.  So far, the chickens have been curious but then walked on.

While the rain has taken over my outside parts of the project, we decided to work on the little sign that will go in the garden.  Above is my take on what I hope to paint.   We were having a little difference of opinions on what it should say.  I first thought, "Lulu's Garden", but then I fell in love with Lulu's Botanicals.  The guys didn't like that.  Out-voted 3 to 1.  So, here is a hint of how it will end up.  Lulu on one end and then a No-Chicken sign on the other.

Keep walking girls!!!  This is my territory!  Soon, I'm going to clean up this area around the stepping stones too.  

So, hope you enjoyed my sneak-peeking into my planning stages.  I do plan on adding more bricks and stones if I have to.  The wooden pieces are just filling in the gap.  Wood is not good to use in such a wet environment.

Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


by Robin

Ok, this one is much more tomato-specific.  We have been having a banter year for organically-grown tomatoes.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

Because of Florida's unusually warm winter, the bugs all took off with the first cool snap, went underground, died or whatever and it left me with nothing but healthy plants without bug interference.  Two caterpillars, that's all, all season.

So, first the Campari's began turning red. (on right)

 photo 2013-12-25022304CompariToms.jpg

But then, we started getting this baseball size tomatoes rolling in one after another.  They were just some seed from something at the grocery store, so I do not know their specific variety.  However, Jack renamed them BTMs for Big, Tasty Maters.  Now, we are saving seeds from all of them and preserving them on napkins for a spring season.

 photo 2014-01-02043745.jpg

I still have many left on the vine and new ones growing every day.  Garden #2's babies are beginning to produce babies.  Yes, in January!  I have Ugly Ripe heirloom toms that are still green but hopefully I'll get a red one out of them.  It is important to save this plant through the frosts because it could potentially put out a good many toms before the summer heat kicks in to kill it.

Of course, the bugs will be back full force for spring gardening and I'll have to be careful to treat them with my soapy/oil solution.

 In the meantime, we are watching out for "bugs", AKA germs, now that school is starting back up. Here is my Super Orange juice boost.  Naval oranges, green apples, ginger, carrots and cranberries. Really sweet and kid-friendly.

   photo 2014-01-04071050.jpg

Happy New Year to everyone!


by Robin

 photo 2013-12-13000101sm.jpg

A few weeks ago, we ran up to Daytona beach to meet with friends for lunch and get chicken feed. I totally forgot to post the pics up here.  It sure was fun but sadly, it was short because we had to run back home for our second son to be in his Christmas play.

 photo 2013-12-13022424sm.jpg

It was also sad that he began a vicious headache through the day and was in tears by the time we had to go. We got some Children's Tylenol at a gift shop so that was a blessing.

 photo 2013-12-13001743sm.jpg

After he finished the play, he went to bed and then proceeded to vomit everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE!  It was terrible.  But, we've all become believers in colloidal silver and all of us took a good dose.  Stop his vomits and nobody else in our family caught it.

As far as we knew, nobody else in our group of friends caught it.  Unfortunately, we could not say the same about the kids in the play.  It had already spread.  :(

 photo 2013-12-12235703sm.jpg

Just catching up on pictures and decided to double-post while I had the time.

They took a sweet picture and this was their idea of a crazy pic.  Hostage scenario.  Goodness!



by Robin

We managed not to lose anything in the almost-freeze.  I did cover a lot of my tomatoes and tropical houseplants.  But, I think it wasn't below freezing long enough to actually damage them.  The worst part was that the protective coverings broke some vines and made everything limp.  We go back up to 80 tomorrow and that should revive everything pretty nicely.

Meanwhile, we've started back to school with my one teen.  My Senior is still waiting for college next week. Routine is good.  I think we got extremely lazy on our break.  In a couple months, I'll hate routine and need a break.  Funny how we're built like that.

This morning, my boys were making whales sounds from one end of the house to the other. I guess once their "song" was over, one went back to his guitar and the other went into beat-boxing. I live in the strangest world.  Maybe homeschoolers are strange.  LOL. 

I don't think I shared these with you back during the holidays, but my son and I had a photo session for his Senior pictures! Here he is with his favorite hobby.

   photo 2013-12-26060212RiverRock700.jpg

 This portrait is one of my favorites. The sun was setting and throwing those beautiful golden rays on his skin and lighting up his blue eyes.

   photo 2013-12-26060648Portrait700.jpg

God bless and hope to be on here more in 2014!!  It is my resolution to blog more again.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


by Robin

Today, we did something very important and I recommend it for every family in the New Year.  A YEARLY BUDGET.   (not the monthly one - fyi)

Jack and I first sat down, went through bills and daily living expenses.  Then, we wondered where all the money went.  So, we decided on some goals and cinched the belt down and now... we're excited.  Excited to see what God will do.  Excited to see how far we can stretch pennies in order to give more and pay off more.  We got a little distracted without a plan last year but we're back on track now.

Afterwards, we sat the kids down and showed them the incoming and outgoing numbers.  We explained the goals and they were all for it too.  We made some cuts, mostly fat in the budget.  We talked about contributing to their own expenses.  These are all very realistic things that every home needs to discuss.

After it was done, I felt like a burden came off my shoulders.  God tells us that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  There is so much truth in that.  Sometimes we do stuff... good stuff... but if it isn't in God's will, your strength will eventually give-out.  I'm exhausted from being BUSY; and knowing Spring is our busiest season with fishing hard and finishing schooling, I didn't want to look ahead.  This year, we have one graduating.  I know my plate will carry more than normal in that final month.  But, we prayed hard and we trust God's will is better than ours.

From there, Jack went into the kitchen to make us a chef-worthy meal.  I went to the garden to pick some veggies and check on a couple critters and the pool.  I picked up a load of tomatoes and heads of broccoli.  It reminded me of my situation.  All plants need pruning in order to grow more.  That's what today felt like.

As I sit down to lunch and we bless our food, I will know that I am a daughter of the King and feel much better with His new plan.

Have a blessed New Year!