Thursday, January 9, 2014

AN IDEA!!!! - Winter project!

Right now, we're combining a little bit of  Pinterest with my Gardening skills. Trying to create an area that the chickens are destroying and are dirtying up my deck INTO a beautiful addition to our backyard.

We're taking wooden palates and making them into vertical gardens.  One will hopefully hold strawberries and the other will have lettuce & herbs.  Down on the ground level, we'll have a huge surplus of herbs.

Between the plants are bricks to keep the chickens from digging down and making dirt baths.  I also lined it with fencing.  So far, the chickens have been curious but then walked on.

While the rain has taken over my outside parts of the project, we decided to work on the little sign that will go in the garden.  Above is my take on what I hope to paint.   We were having a little difference of opinions on what it should say.  I first thought, "Lulu's Garden", but then I fell in love with Lulu's Botanicals.  The guys didn't like that.  Out-voted 3 to 1.  So, here is a hint of how it will end up.  Lulu on one end and then a No-Chicken sign on the other.

Keep walking girls!!!  This is my territory!  Soon, I'm going to clean up this area around the stepping stones too.  

So, hope you enjoyed my sneak-peeking into my planning stages.  I do plan on adding more bricks and stones if I have to.  The wooden pieces are just filling in the gap.  Wood is not good to use in such a wet environment.

Happy Gardening!

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