Wednesday, January 8, 2014


by Robin

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A few weeks ago, we ran up to Daytona beach to meet with friends for lunch and get chicken feed. I totally forgot to post the pics up here.  It sure was fun but sadly, it was short because we had to run back home for our second son to be in his Christmas play.

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It was also sad that he began a vicious headache through the day and was in tears by the time we had to go. We got some Children's Tylenol at a gift shop so that was a blessing.

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After he finished the play, he went to bed and then proceeded to vomit everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE!  It was terrible.  But, we've all become believers in colloidal silver and all of us took a good dose.  Stop his vomits and nobody else in our family caught it.

As far as we knew, nobody else in our group of friends caught it.  Unfortunately, we could not say the same about the kids in the play.  It had already spread.  :(

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Just catching up on pictures and decided to double-post while I had the time.

They took a sweet picture and this was their idea of a crazy pic.  Hostage scenario.  Goodness!


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