Wednesday, January 8, 2014


by Robin

We managed not to lose anything in the almost-freeze.  I did cover a lot of my tomatoes and tropical houseplants.  But, I think it wasn't below freezing long enough to actually damage them.  The worst part was that the protective coverings broke some vines and made everything limp.  We go back up to 80 tomorrow and that should revive everything pretty nicely.

Meanwhile, we've started back to school with my one teen.  My Senior is still waiting for college next week. Routine is good.  I think we got extremely lazy on our break.  In a couple months, I'll hate routine and need a break.  Funny how we're built like that.

This morning, my boys were making whales sounds from one end of the house to the other. I guess once their "song" was over, one went back to his guitar and the other went into beat-boxing. I live in the strangest world.  Maybe homeschoolers are strange.  LOL. 

I don't think I shared these with you back during the holidays, but my son and I had a photo session for his Senior pictures! Here he is with his favorite hobby.

   photo 2013-12-26060212RiverRock700.jpg

 This portrait is one of my favorites. The sun was setting and throwing those beautiful golden rays on his skin and lighting up his blue eyes.

   photo 2013-12-26060648Portrait700.jpg

God bless and hope to be on here more in 2014!!  It is my resolution to blog more again.

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