Sunday, January 26, 2014


by Robin

I am not a certified ASL interpreter but I am fortunate enough that God has called me to a signing ministry at my church and I am able to sign to the Deaf.  

Today, our pastor was speaking on Exodus Ch 2 & 3, Moses' bad decision to kill the Egyptian man, resulting in him being a murderer and then, rejected by his own people.  At 40 yrs of age, his life changed dramatically as he went from being a son of Pharaoh to a shepherd to his father-in-law's flock.  He spent the next 40 yrs in training for how to lead sheep.... Israelites.   At the age of 80, Moses went to deliver his people (God's people) out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.

So, the clincher to the story is Rocky V's final fight scene.  Rocky gets beat by the young Tommy Gunn and is totally down.  He cannot seem to find the strength within to get up one more time.  And then, Rocky remembers Mickey, his father-in-law and trainer, who kept telling him to get up.  "Get up!  Get up, you bum!"

 You have to remember, I'm signing all this which is looking a LOT more like a mime or game of charades.  

So, can you guess what happens next?

Yes,... the theme song from Rocky.  It is blaring across the church's sound system.  The pastor is doing little jump/ bouncing movement.  Me too.  He's got his arm's up to block shots.  Me too.  He throws a couple jabs.  Me too.  (Are you laughing hysterically yet?   I was.)

Then, the music stops and the story continues.  Rocky gets up and says, "Yo, Tommy."   LOL.  Yeah, that was fun to do in ASL.  Too fun.  Rocky throws the right hook, taking Tommy to the ground.  Rocky wins.   Yeah Rocky.  Yeah me.  (Maybe I'm taking this scene a little too seriously.)

Moral of the story:  It took memories of a dead man to light a passion inside Rocky and have him rise again.  Same as what Jesus did for us, saving us from defeat and death and then, giving us life.  

As for the connection with Moses, I wonder if he heard the Rocky theme music as he parted the Red Sea?

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