Wednesday, January 8, 2014


by Robin

Ok, this one is much more tomato-specific.  We have been having a banter year for organically-grown tomatoes.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

Because of Florida's unusually warm winter, the bugs all took off with the first cool snap, went underground, died or whatever and it left me with nothing but healthy plants without bug interference.  Two caterpillars, that's all, all season.

So, first the Campari's began turning red. (on right)

 photo 2013-12-25022304CompariToms.jpg

But then, we started getting this baseball size tomatoes rolling in one after another.  They were just some seed from something at the grocery store, so I do not know their specific variety.  However, Jack renamed them BTMs for Big, Tasty Maters.  Now, we are saving seeds from all of them and preserving them on napkins for a spring season.

 photo 2014-01-02043745.jpg

I still have many left on the vine and new ones growing every day.  Garden #2's babies are beginning to produce babies.  Yes, in January!  I have Ugly Ripe heirloom toms that are still green but hopefully I'll get a red one out of them.  It is important to save this plant through the frosts because it could potentially put out a good many toms before the summer heat kicks in to kill it.

Of course, the bugs will be back full force for spring gardening and I'll have to be careful to treat them with my soapy/oil solution.

 In the meantime, we are watching out for "bugs", AKA germs, now that school is starting back up. Here is my Super Orange juice boost.  Naval oranges, green apples, ginger, carrots and cranberries. Really sweet and kid-friendly.

   photo 2014-01-04071050.jpg

Happy New Year to everyone!

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