Sunday, February 2, 2014


by Robin

After that super-cold snap, we've had 2 amazing days of low 80's at our house.  I sure did need that.  I did a lot of yard work while Jack worked on the boat.  My pool is the cleanest it has ever been in February.  I vowed to keep it perfect all winter so I didn't have to fight with it come March when we want to start dipping toes in there.

Saturday, I had my sons out on the porch with me and we did assembly line gardening.  One filled pots with dirt, I seeded & covered them, the other labeled the pots.  I have no idea how many pots or plants we put in dirt but it was a lot!  Each pot has multiple plants in them.  Once the threat of frost is gone, I'll put them in the ground.

Some of the things we seeded were a variety of colored sweet bell peppers, medium tomatoes, kale, big cukes, pickling cukes, acorn squash, yellow squash, zucchini, jalapenos, banana peppers, beets, radish, cilantro, dill, lemon, thai and sweet basils and okra. I think I will sow all my beans and sunflowers directly into the ground in a couple weeks.

And we did 2 containers of red potatoes.  I tried potatoes for the first time last year and see where I went wrong.  I think I can do it much better this time.

Above is my upright can and below is an old tub (storage) bin.  I'll let you know which one turns out better.  My guess will be the upright can for much more space to grow upward and leave potatoes at the bottom.  My eldest son believes the tub will produce more.

Even the dogs were getting out in the sun for their sunbathing.  Tiki is completely relaxing while Captain was up and sniffing everything I was doing.

My chickens have been out for most of the weekend with foraging but I got a little tired of avoiding poop bombs on the deck so I put them up, cleaned it all off and enjoyed the afternoon walking without fear.

I'm excited because on Wednesday, I'm having a little guest gardener come join me.  We're going to be separating pots that are overgrown with Easter lillies and aloe.  It will be nice to spread those out again. My little friend likes to play in the dirt so I may have him pick some turnips and broccoli too.  Oh and collect up my eggs.  Kids love that.

God bless and hope you all enjoy the week.

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