Monday, February 10, 2014


by Robin

Not too much happening around here other than working on the boat, cleaning the house and doing yard work.  Our big barn dance was cancelled because of rain, so we had guests over to our house for dinner and card games.  So much fun.

Tomatoes are coming in like gang-busters! It has been a huge blessing to have fresh tomatoes all winter long.

Below, you can see my fall tomato plants.  It doesn't seem like much as they are in their last weeks of life, but between the Big Tasty Maters (my name), Campari and Ugly Ripe, we had plenty of tomatoes on a weekly basis.  The tomatoes above are the upcoming new ones from the winter baby plants.  And, I have another set of babies coming in for late spring too.  Maybe I will get a chance to can tomatoes this year. That would be so nice.

Broccoli is till producing like crazy too.  Something like 2 family servings each week.  I may have to start freezing some since the family might be getting sick of eating it.  BUT, below is a picture of new baby seeds that have begun growing.  I did not plant these new.  I guess this was older dirt with seeds in it that got turned over and sprouted.  I will probably thin these out and add them to the spring garden.

Below, you can see my line of cauliflower.  I finally have one small head (i.e. size of tomato) growing well.  Everything else is taking its sweet time.  I guess we'll have spring cauliflower, not winter.  On the far end of the left side, those are my cherry tomatoes.  I have 1 plant but it looks like it is going to be very productive and healthy.  Hopefully, the chickens will not grab those mini-toms through the fencing.

Speaking of my hens.... here they are eating, no, devouring a broccoli leave in a few minutes.  Can you imagine the damage they would do if they got into the garden?

Oh, I still have a few cabbage making heads out there too.  These are so slow to grow but at least they are putting out new leaves as the days get longer.  I should have nice heads in a couple months. I may have about 6 of these in the garden.  I figure that is enough given the fact that we'd probably only eat one a month. Maybe 2.

Well, that's my update for the garden.  For my front yard, I did a massive clean-up in my tropical rain forest! I took many thorns in the hands and fore arms, but it looks so much cleaner again.  Less snake-y!  Nothing escaped my hedge trimmers!!  I hope my neighbors don't think my house is abandoned any more.  LOL.

I'm sorry to all you who are getting snowed in and loss of electricity this winter.  All I can say is that you should probably  move to Florida.  ha ha.


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