Friday, April 11, 2014


by Robin

I know my Senior was too embarrassed to pose for this picture but I worked very hard for the past 14 yrs to get him to this point.

I don't expect him to understand all the levels of commitment it took to get here, but maybe, someday he will.

 photo 2014-04-10220837CapTassle.jpg

I cannot believe that we've less than a month to the end of finals and then a week of preparations for the ceremony.  I've had various jobs in our home schooling association, but my main job was to organize the finger foods & cake for graduation day.  I'm so extremely excited to see how that will turn out.  We have a nice large budget because our group of 12 families have done an excellent job fundraising & yard sale-ing to raise the money.  We have our home church as the venue.  The high school science teacher is our guest speaker.  My good friend is our photographer.  A former home schooler is our videographer and put together a special video to roll as each one walks the aisle.  He recorded our voices speaking words of love, affirmation, Scripture and wisdom as pictures of them play on the screen.

I'm excited and proud of our level of dedication all year to pull off this miracle without one single cross word with each other.  The moms have been blessing to me and to each other through this process.  It is amazing what the unity of Christ can accomplish.


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