Saturday, April 26, 2014


by Robin

Today begins the first day of a new adventure.  My youngest and I are volunteering at a Thoroughbred Race Horse rehab center.  (Actually name withheld for privacy reasons.) We are so excited and our work actually begins on Monday.

We met these two characters at orientation class this morning.  There were so many more, but I needed to stay focused, listen and have my hands available to hand out carrots.  LOL

 photo 2014-04-25222416Nala.jpg

This will be such a tough gig, loving on horses!!

 photo 2014-04-25222359Leader.jpg

The owner of the center says that it is not us who rescues them, but mostly them who rescue us.  I have a feeling my head will be filled with sounds of soft whinnies and  heart is going to be covered in horse slobber.

Have a blessed summer!!  Now, you know what we're doing when we're not at the beach or pool.

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