Saturday, May 3, 2014


by Robin

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My youngest has requested to be in drama class this year and he was fabulous as a reindeer in the Christmas production. So, we continued to let him go this semester as they began a musical, Alice @ Wonderland.

Last night was opening night.  See, he's the cute door on the right.

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In a couple hours, will be their 2nd and final performance.  I hope to capture some awesome photos this time with my big camera.  My favorite door is between Humpty Dumpty and Alice. :)

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Here are our friends, Fish Newsie and Door Mouse.

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Here is Alice and the other characters.

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I'm really proud of all the hard work that goes into a production like this. We had a main director (Mom) but equally supporting musical director and costume designer moms. Then, all sorts of moms helping with microphones, make-up and costume changes and set design.  We had moms and dads with lighting and sound.   I love how they brought out the best in no-less-than 27 kids!!

I am SO PROUD of all of them.  I can't wait for the 2nd performance!!

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