Saturday, August 9, 2014


by Robin

Not completely done volunteering, but we're done with the horses for now.  I definitely cannot return because I have injured my left elbow with the repetitive stress of mucking stalls.  But, we *definitely* enjoyed our time there.

To the left is "Gus" a rescue thoroughbred.  Of course, he's a beautiful guy, but what I see in this picture is a young boy who didn't want to come work in the heat and horses.  Over three months, he quit complaining about that.  He gained a sense of duty and a bond with the horses.  In the beginning, he walked right up to a horses rear and we all screamed for fear he would get kicked.
By the time we were done, he was very comfortable around the barn horses.  He still struggled with the halter, but he tried for a long time before he asked for help.

I can see us returning at some point once school settles down and my arm gets better. I see this as a complete success for building my bond with my son and for him to have some type of rite of passage in maturing.  He got structure in a very fun way.

And here he is with Nala.  Nala was also a rescue who hated people when she first came to the rescue farm.  She has a wonderful mom now and gets daily care from us volunteers.  Look at that sweet face.  He loves her and she loves him.

This was our "last day" and we were fortunate to help train our next crew.  I hope they have as great of an experience as we did.

I met a new friend along the way.  There was purpose in me going besides bonding with my son.  I had a divine appointment to meet with a hurting mom who needed prayers.  I was able to share some of my struggles and she did the same.  I hope to stay connected with her as she begins her homeschooling journey in our county.  

She was our partner on Thursdays and if we go back, we'll join up with her.

This picture is me with Nala who was falling asleep in my arms.  We were laughing because she totally put all her head weight on me.  I'm a sweaty mess from having cleaned stalls and filled water buckets, but it was too cute not to include.

Off we go to Crystal River!!  Time for the last vacation before school starts up.

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Renee said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful way to spend your time. Sorry about your elbow! I can't wait to see the pics from Crystal River.