Saturday, August 2, 2014


by Robin

We survived childhood and now we move onto manhood!!  LOL

Last time I blogged, I was letting you know he got hired by Publix.  He loves his job.  

He was called, the night before his birthday, to do a "sting" operation. He was so excited to go undercover and try to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets at another store. He was so nervous.  He put on shades.  He asked for them.  She asked for his ID.  He gave it to her.  She glanced down and then gave the cigarettes to him.  :(   He then pretended to forget his wallet and leave the counter.  

Sadly, the clerk was going to let him and she was get reprimanded for it.   But, for him, being a spy was like a huge gift. LOL.

College starts back soon and we're praying for scholarship money and good grades.  He is taking quite the load of science, labs and math. Not for the faint of heart! 


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Renee said...

Ahhh!!! So handsome. :)