Monday, September 15, 2014


by Robin

I love it when I have time to create good food in the kitchen.

Here is my version of the Larabar.  I made a nutty version last week.  I went to grab ingredients to make one a little more dessert-like.  This has vegan carob chips, plus dates, cherries, and coconut. Wow, I feel guilty, but I shouldn't.  It's soooo healthy.

 photo ChocolateCherryCoconutBars.jpg

Then, we were watching a commercial this morning and saw something like this being made.   I couldn't wait to buy the ingredients.  Essentially, it is a manwich (or taco seasoned meat can be used too) with shredded cheese on the inside and wrapped in pizza dough.  I made up several of them and now they can be used on my busy day tomorrow.

 photo 2014-09-15060426HotPockets.jpg

Speaking of busy day tomorrow, I need to go prep for class!!  I'm the teacher!

God bless!

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