Friday, December 12, 2014


by Robin

Stop by the Rescue Barn to pick up my thumb drive  and thought I'd try out my camera on a couple horses.

 photo DSC_0222FollowMe.jpg
These guys took my attention first.

 photo DSC_0230Chomp3.jpg Of course, the white one went down to roll over and when I ran back, it got back up... so none of those shots.

 photo DSC_0228Chomp.jpg

But, they were happy to continue biting on each other for my photo-shooting enjoyment.

 photo DSC_0229Chomp2.jpg

There is a part of me that feels like this reminds me of my sister and me when we were kids.

ha ha.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More ACTION - Nikon D3200 shots

by Robin

 photo DSC_0120baby.jpg

This afternoon, I thought I'd stop by the small horse farm down the road from me while I was out running errands.  They have a foal out there and it looks like they weaned him this week from his Mama.  Very friendly, but definitely wanting somebody to meet his needs!!

So, I pulled over and tried my continuous shoot and switching out of lens.

I think I could have still done a better job of focusing but I'm not going to beat myself up on it this week.  There was a fence between us and he took off into a nice trot before I was fully prepared.

 photo DSC_0131BabyTrot.jpg

Then, he broke into a gallop, which was just perfect for me.

 photo DSC_0134babyGallop.jpg

I prefer the above shot...more extension.

 photo DSC_0136babyGallop.jpg

The one thing it proved is that I can get those extended trot shots that I have been wanting for the rescue horse farm.

Below, I couldn't even look through the view finder because of the fence but simply raised it up and pushed the button to see what I got.   Unfortunately, it was a very focused mid-fence line. But, little guy was as cute as he could be whining for Mama.

 photo DSC_0141Fenceline.jpg

And then, I got to switch out lenses and take a couple distance pics of the horses in the other pasture. Looks so peaceful.

 photo DSC_0129pasture.jpg

Very cool.

 photo DSC_0145PastureGrazing.jpg

So that's it. Maybe tomorrow I can some more features.


NEW!!!! Nikon D3200

by Robin

First, I really want to thank my hubby for blessing me with this new gift.  My "other" camera was just not cutting it when I needed it to perform with action and low light.

Anyhow, I am still sooooooo on the lower end of the learning curve, but I'll get there ... with enough tutorials.

So far, I'm still in between auto and manual modes.  Today, finally switches to manual.

Here are this morning's pics. Although, I'm totally bummed because I took them in raw and then couldn't get my favorite pic monkey site to recognize them.  So, I may have to stick with "fine" setting until I can figure out what I'm doing with raw data.  These were in raw data and then I had to screenshot them so I could share quickly.

I even baked a few cookies to see how I could get depth of field and focusing differences.

 photo MorningCookies.jpg

So much fun....  it will take months, if not years to master.  You know I love to photograph food & the garden.  Here are those test pictures.

 photo Mayflowerbeans.jpg

But, I can already see, I'm getting the low light shots I want (Lulu in her cage, grooming herself, in a dark room.) and ....

 photo BunnyCleaning.jpg

The dogs outside today in running motion and caught on two legs.  I have pics where 3 legs aren't even on the ground and they're completely in focus! Yeah!

 photo RearingTiki.jpg

I love the 4 frames per second.  It helped me to capture this photo that bunnies really do pray for carrots.

 photo LuluPrays.jpg

Well, that's just a small taste of the 100 pics I took this morning.  Although I have some serious kinks to work out, it looks like this was exactly what I was wanting.

I've got 16 days until Christmas to figure this thing out to take amazing Christmas morning pictures!