Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More ACTION - Nikon D3200 shots

by Robin

 photo DSC_0120baby.jpg

This afternoon, I thought I'd stop by the small horse farm down the road from me while I was out running errands.  They have a foal out there and it looks like they weaned him this week from his Mama.  Very friendly, but definitely wanting somebody to meet his needs!!

So, I pulled over and tried my continuous shoot and switching out of lens.

I think I could have still done a better job of focusing but I'm not going to beat myself up on it this week.  There was a fence between us and he took off into a nice trot before I was fully prepared.

 photo DSC_0131BabyTrot.jpg

Then, he broke into a gallop, which was just perfect for me.

 photo DSC_0134babyGallop.jpg

I prefer the above shot...more extension.

 photo DSC_0136babyGallop.jpg

The one thing it proved is that I can get those extended trot shots that I have been wanting for the rescue horse farm.

Below, I couldn't even look through the view finder because of the fence but simply raised it up and pushed the button to see what I got.   Unfortunately, it was a very focused mid-fence line. But, little guy was as cute as he could be whining for Mama.

 photo DSC_0141Fenceline.jpg

And then, I got to switch out lenses and take a couple distance pics of the horses in the other pasture. Looks so peaceful.

 photo DSC_0129pasture.jpg

Very cool.

 photo DSC_0145PastureGrazing.jpg

So that's it. Maybe tomorrow I can some more features.


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