Friday, January 23, 2015


by Robin

I am so blessed to have stepped out on faith about 7 years ago and meet up with the lady that spoke at our church on being a missionary from Africa.  I brought my boys, who were little guys at the time, in hopes they would hear some incredible missions stories with a little bit of lions and giraffes mixed in.  

Well, Laura did not disappoint.  And from that day on, we kept in contact.  Every time she comes back to the states, she emails or calls me and we set up a lunch or dinner date.   We've had Mexican, Chinese and amazing salads shared as we went through story after story over the years.  

I love that she has chosen to call me friend and I am blessed to know her.  She is an amazing person doing some very amazing work for Christ.  Don't let her beauty fool you into thinking she is some delicate wallflower!!  She can work on trucks, drive trucks thru rivers, live out in the bush and speaks to witch doctors and tribal chiefs.  Again, I cannot emphasize enough my utmost respect for this woman.  She completely trusts God with her life on a daily basis.  When I grow up, I want to be like her.  Maybe one day I could even go visit her 'home'.  

May God bless her exceedingly abundantly as she continues to raise funds to return to Zambia in a couple months.  



by Robin

Today, we donated our kid slide (yellow) to the local farm/ market.  It will go from furless kids to furry kids.

 photo DSC_0198-1.jpg

I think we have found a great new home for it.  Besides, I need the space in my shed.

But, all the goats were curious at first.  Then, it fell and nobody cared any more.  I think they'll be much more interested once it is set up and ready to be used.

 photo DSC_0200-1.jpg

While I was there, I ran into a former homeschool student that I taught in Biology dissections.  She's all grown up now and contributing to the Green Market.

 photo DSC_0202-1.jpg

But, after we were done chatting, I took my camera out and enjoyed taking pictures of all the beautiful birds on the grounds.

 photo DSC_0214-1.jpg

I think there had to be at least 7 roosters hanging around.  This guy was my favorite.

 photo DSC_0210-1.jpg

I took some photos of some of them.  The one above needs a 'caption me'.

 photo DSC_0241-1.jpg

This one below did not seem to like me around his harem and studied my red camera.  Maybe he saw "us" as a threat.  I quickly slid out past him and went to friendlier roosters.

 photo DSC_0232-1.jpg

I have heard nasty stories about those spurs.

 photo DSC_0226-1.jpg

I got a couple photos of them crowing.  Oh my!!

 photo DSC_0251-1.jpg

The whole farm was a crowing choir!!  ha ha.

 photo DSC_0249-1.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the photos today.

 photo DSC_0255-1.jpg

Have a blessed weekend.  We have relatives coming into town.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


by Robin

So, I snapped this picture a few days ago, but it appears that I missed the bigger picture that was brewing between these two.  They have deemed each other as mortal enemies.

And this morning, they decided to have The Smackdown!!

 photo DSC_0078-1.jpg

So, in the morning, we do a bit of shuffling because of the 6-7 wks old babies. Yet, there is a good flow to our new routine and it goes like this:

Get dogs, let dogs out, say hello to Lulu on the way out.  Dogs go pee while I let hens out of coop.  I stand there looking at the garden, waiting for hens to come out, dogs go potty.  I head back to the coop once I see the little girls finally get to the ground and put them into their own separate pen while the big hens are distracted with grass and bugs.

Well, Tiki followed me into the coop area because he loves baby chicks.
Fascinated by their peeps.

I'm done with babies and ask him to leave.  He steps out toward the entire crowd of hens and Captain (chihuahua) who are waiting for us to come out and shut the big door.  I step out, and no sooner shut the door when out of the corner of my eye, I see Peaches come from behind me, wings spread like an eagle and sink both talons into Tiki's back.  He hits the ground, face planting.  At this point, I'm gasping for air for a big scream.  Tiki rolls back to his feet and body slams right back into Peaches, rolling her onto her back, wings a'flappin'.  I think my cheek muscles wanted to begin a smile when I see Tiki open his mouth and go to take a big bite at Peaches' throat.  Funny feeling gone.  My scream finally made its way out my mouth and Tiki released from her neck and backed off about 2 ft.

I thought for sure she was a goner, and had gotten what she deserved for attacking first.  But no, she did get back on her feet and dusted herself off.  I quickly grabbed up Tiki whose heart was racing.  I checked him over for puncture marks.  Thankfully, it was only dirt.  Peaches walked off unremorseful getting high-5's from her feathered friends.

I took several moments to relive the series of events.  Wow.  My 8 lb Buff Orpington tried to take down my 7 lb chihuahua and nearly didn't live.  

I do hope she will rethink her actions before she does something like that when I am not around to call him off of her.  Sheesh, and I can't think of what my 17 lb chihuahua (Yes, he's a giant) would do to her if she picked on him.  He loves to grab and shake snakes.

So, that's the play-by-play of the dog vs chicken smackdown.


Saturday, January 17, 2015


by Robin

I absolutely LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!

 photo DSC_0026-1.jpg

I try to pretend like she's not mine and force my son to do his "bunny chores", but the truth is that I love spoiling her with fresh veggies and herbs.  I absolutely love having her run around my house.

 photo DSC_0028-1.jpg

As you can see, her coat is impeccable and she will be a healthy 2 yo very soon.  I even love her little whiskers and turkey neck, which has been half cut out of this picture.

 photo DSC_0032-1.jpg

Did I mention how much I love this girl??   Who knew that having a bunny would be so rewarding? When I was a little girl, we had a white bunny..... for about a month.  She bit me.  She went to the "zoo" after that.  I really think she went to my Uncle's house for dinner... but that's just my opinion.

As for Lulu, she has a home with us until she grows very old.


by Robin

My "baby" is now my right-hand man since my eldest is usually off working.  I am so thankful that he was willing to be my helper because many of these chores require two sets of hands.

 photo DSC_0001-1-1.jpg

He turned the ground while I photographed Garden #1.  The dried beans are either pulled or still on the vine drying.  There are still 2 rows of broccoli and some voluntary tomato plants.  Pineapple to the right.  Those are still yearlings. I doubt they will produce this spring.

 photo DSC_0002-1-1.jpg

So, I left the gate open and purposely allowed my girls to roam the empty lot to look for bugs.

 photo DSC_0005-1.jpg

They were having a great time and exploring.

 photo DSC_0008-1.jpg

But then, they kept getting further and further... closer to the street.  It probably freaks the neighbors and passing cars to see chickens loose. I am not worried because they come as soon as I call.

 photo DSC_0013-1.jpg

Like I showed earlier, Garden #2 is now officially ready for the manure dump in a couple weeks.  I am allowing time for the voluntary tomato seedlings to show themselves first.

Happy Spring,... Winter.


by Robin

Caught this sunbathing beauty first thing this morning. Love those eyelashes!

 photo DSC_0029-1.jpg

Ripping around the decks

 photo DSC_0065-1.jpg

And around the pool.

 photo DSC_0073-1.jpg

This guy spend most the week with Death knocking on his door, but he was feeling his oats today too.

 photo DSC_0054-1.jpg

What a beautiful day to till dirt.  I am hoping to find volunteer tomatoes in a week or two.

 photo DSC_0022-1.jpg

We had to replace on line and lay all them to out to check them.  Fence back in place to keep out hens.  Everything is ready to go.  Next thing, manure needs to be hauled in.

 photo DSC_0033-1.jpg

Look what has been growing all fall & winter.  Yep,  you're late!!  And you're small!!  What's happening??

 photo DSC_0079-1.jpg

Oh and I picked cherry tomatoes too.  I see Eaton and Harris are looking to pick some with me.

 photo DSC_0083-1.jpg

I have so many more great pics but these were my top picks to grab right away.

I was pretty certain we were getting an awful winter but.... it sure hasn't hit this fine weekend.


Friday, January 16, 2015


by Robin

I like to call this "Eaten Alive."  LOL.

 photo DSC_0011-1.jpg

Monday, January 12, 2015


by Robin

We eat pretty healthy around here most days.  But sometimes, I realize that I haven't fed my guys, my growing guys, a good manly meal.

 photo DSC_0867.jpg

So, I will grill up some steaks and bake some potatoes.

 photo DSC_0868.jpg

It makes them very happy fishermen.

I cannot tell you how tempted I was to snag a bit of this steak.  I have been going 12 days without meat & dairy and today... I broke down to have an egg for breakfast and a grilled chicken after my 5 mile walk.  Sometimes, my body just won't quit reminding me that I need more protein.  I do my best with plant-based foods but sometimes, that little voice inside won't quit.  It makes me crash.  I say this not to beat myself up, but to admit that sometimes I crash and the best way to feel better is with animal protein.

Life continues....  back to beans.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

ANDREW in Blk & Wh

by Robin

Shot #1  I asked him not to smile. Took out a lot of contrast here and lightened up the shirt.  Shot is very crisp.  Love this kid.

   photo DSC_0003-1Mi.jpg

 Here's another head shot.  While I love this angle better, Mona Lisa smile and the darkening of the shirt, not sure I like how I overcontrasted the eyes and almost made it grainy.

   photo DSC_0002-1Mi.jpg

 Hope you don't mind me sharing my experimentations with the camera.

Have a blessed weekend!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

ME 262

Drawn by my youngest, "Andrew"....

I am so proud of the talent God has given both my boys.  I have to have a Momma bragging moment.

 photo ME262colorizedSm.png

It is a ME-262.

Love it!


by Robin

I had a great photography class from a friend who also owns a Nikon and Light Room 5.

 photo DSC_0865-1.jpg

I thought I would take what I learned and put it to practice today.

 photo DSC_0864-1-2.jpg

Hope you don't mind seeing the same pictures twice.  For this one, my intent was to turn a photograph into a pencil drawing.  Looks pretty much like what I used to draw for people in a fraction of the time I would spend on a piece.

 photo DSC_0871-1.jpg

Btw, the new pullets (5-6 wk old chicks are in their outdoor pen trying to adjust to their new world.  I may still have to bring them in tonight because it will go down to 61 deg, but so far... they're in shock at what dirt feels like.  The other hens barely looked at them (from the outside).

Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


by Robin

I'm so proud of my fella who stayed with me for an entire four mile walk!!   Plus, he's still out there chasing lizards.

 photo DSC_0865sm.jpg

He is my doggie hero!  Where does he get that energy??

 photo DSC_0864sm.jpg


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


by Robin

Ameraucana Girl #1
 photo DSC_0866sm.jpg

Head shot  photo DSC_0871sm.jpg

Eagle shot

   photo DSC_0886sm.jpg

Ameraucana Girl #2  photo DSC_0911sm.jpg

Head Shot

 photo DSC_0947sm.jpg

Girl #1 - first time on the ground. Talk about confused! Cute too. She looks like a Roadrunner to me.

 photo DSC_0992sm.jpg

Have a blessed day.

More pictures coming up over the next couple days.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015


by Robin

Hello, my name is Robin and I'm addicted to chickens.

People told me you couldn't just have one... or four... or a hundred.

 photo DSC_0820.jpg

I'm starting to believe them.

(Bird #1 below)

 photo DSC_0830.jpg

I thought I was heading out to buy chicks, but guess what??

 photo DSC_0836.jpg

They had many 5-6 wk old babies.

(Bird #2 is darker) 

 photo DSC_0828-1.jpg

Tomorrow, I should be able to snap some better pics.

Honestly, I could run back to the store and get 2 more that I really wanted.  Ok... one for me (Cream Ameraucana) and one for Jack.  He's got his mind set on a Rhode Island Red.

Chicken love to all!