Friday, January 2, 2015


by Robin

Ok, so this morning, I finally go out to investigate whatever has been on the shade awning for the chicken coop.

Um... that's raccoon scat... poop!!  

I guess s/he was looking for a way in.  So thankful that the critter's weight did not break through the awning.  Also glad s/he did not find a way to chew through it.

 photo DSC_0814.jpg

Hello Eaton!

 photo DSC_0862.jpg

Anyhow, I continued about my morning musings with photographing various "scratching".

 photo DSC_0840sm.jpg

I am still hoping to one day catch them stretching wings.

 photo DSC_0833sm.jpg

Or even taking flight.

That is so very hard to do.  However, scratching is easy enough, at this point.  Once, I caught Eaton scoring a decent size bug.  She was fast!  Want to down that thing before the other hens catch on.

 photo DSC_0863.jpg

I love her waddling around as she tries to rejoin the group.  (Just noticed I have way too much "graininess" in this photo.)

 photo DSC_0875sm.jpg

Peaches, showing off her beauty.

 photo DSC_0885sm.jpg

Pearl striking a pose.

 photo DSC_0899sm.jpg

Harris in her full plumage after a nasty molting.
    photo DSC_0868sm.jpg

Harris - to the right, to the right.

 photo DSC_0828.jpg

Hen Party - They truly are backyard chickens.  We share more common space than I care to admit.

 photo DSC_0878sm.jpg

More Scratching - Eaton has a mean right hook.

 photo DSC_0917.jpg

Love her fluffy butt.

   photo DSC_0869.jpg

 You can't hide from my lens! I don't care how much you try to camouflage yourself.

 photo DSC_0908sm.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the hen pictures.  I sure was nice to have some down time to play with them and learn some new software.


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