Saturday, January 17, 2015


by Robin

Caught this sunbathing beauty first thing this morning. Love those eyelashes!

 photo DSC_0029-1.jpg

Ripping around the decks

 photo DSC_0065-1.jpg

And around the pool.

 photo DSC_0073-1.jpg

This guy spend most the week with Death knocking on his door, but he was feeling his oats today too.

 photo DSC_0054-1.jpg

What a beautiful day to till dirt.  I am hoping to find volunteer tomatoes in a week or two.

 photo DSC_0022-1.jpg

We had to replace on line and lay all them to out to check them.  Fence back in place to keep out hens.  Everything is ready to go.  Next thing, manure needs to be hauled in.

 photo DSC_0033-1.jpg

Look what has been growing all fall & winter.  Yep,  you're late!!  And you're small!!  What's happening??

 photo DSC_0079-1.jpg

Oh and I picked cherry tomatoes too.  I see Eaton and Harris are looking to pick some with me.

 photo DSC_0083-1.jpg

I have so many more great pics but these were my top picks to grab right away.

I was pretty certain we were getting an awful winter but.... it sure hasn't hit this fine weekend.


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Jeanne said...

I love your new camera. Great shots today. Looks like it was a nice day too!