Tuesday, January 6, 2015


by Robin

Hello, my name is Robin and I'm addicted to chickens.

People told me you couldn't just have one... or four... or a hundred.

 photo DSC_0820.jpg

I'm starting to believe them.

(Bird #1 below)

 photo DSC_0830.jpg

I thought I was heading out to buy chicks, but guess what??

 photo DSC_0836.jpg

They had many 5-6 wk old babies.

(Bird #2 is darker) 

 photo DSC_0828-1.jpg

Tomorrow, I should be able to snap some better pics.

Honestly, I could run back to the store and get 2 more that I really wanted.  Ok... one for me (Cream Ameraucana) and one for Jack.  He's got his mind set on a Rhode Island Red.

Chicken love to all!


Carmen P said...

BUT are they roosters or hens!! I REALLY want to hand raise one... have to eat my beauties though. Not just yet. Love my chickies ( :

Sandy Lentz said...

Welcome to the club! ;-)