Monday, January 12, 2015


by Robin

We eat pretty healthy around here most days.  But sometimes, I realize that I haven't fed my guys, my growing guys, a good manly meal.

 photo DSC_0867.jpg

So, I will grill up some steaks and bake some potatoes.

 photo DSC_0868.jpg

It makes them very happy fishermen.

I cannot tell you how tempted I was to snag a bit of this steak.  I have been going 12 days without meat & dairy and today... I broke down to have an egg for breakfast and a grilled chicken after my 5 mile walk.  Sometimes, my body just won't quit reminding me that I need more protein.  I do my best with plant-based foods but sometimes, that little voice inside won't quit.  It makes me crash.  I say this not to beat myself up, but to admit that sometimes I crash and the best way to feel better is with animal protein.

Life continues....  back to beans.


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