Wednesday, January 21, 2015


by Robin

So, I snapped this picture a few days ago, but it appears that I missed the bigger picture that was brewing between these two.  They have deemed each other as mortal enemies.

And this morning, they decided to have The Smackdown!!

 photo DSC_0078-1.jpg

So, in the morning, we do a bit of shuffling because of the 6-7 wks old babies. Yet, there is a good flow to our new routine and it goes like this:

Get dogs, let dogs out, say hello to Lulu on the way out.  Dogs go pee while I let hens out of coop.  I stand there looking at the garden, waiting for hens to come out, dogs go potty.  I head back to the coop once I see the little girls finally get to the ground and put them into their own separate pen while the big hens are distracted with grass and bugs.

Well, Tiki followed me into the coop area because he loves baby chicks.
Fascinated by their peeps.

I'm done with babies and ask him to leave.  He steps out toward the entire crowd of hens and Captain (chihuahua) who are waiting for us to come out and shut the big door.  I step out, and no sooner shut the door when out of the corner of my eye, I see Peaches come from behind me, wings spread like an eagle and sink both talons into Tiki's back.  He hits the ground, face planting.  At this point, I'm gasping for air for a big scream.  Tiki rolls back to his feet and body slams right back into Peaches, rolling her onto her back, wings a'flappin'.  I think my cheek muscles wanted to begin a smile when I see Tiki open his mouth and go to take a big bite at Peaches' throat.  Funny feeling gone.  My scream finally made its way out my mouth and Tiki released from her neck and backed off about 2 ft.

I thought for sure she was a goner, and had gotten what she deserved for attacking first.  But no, she did get back on her feet and dusted herself off.  I quickly grabbed up Tiki whose heart was racing.  I checked him over for puncture marks.  Thankfully, it was only dirt.  Peaches walked off unremorseful getting high-5's from her feathered friends.

I took several moments to relive the series of events.  Wow.  My 8 lb Buff Orpington tried to take down my 7 lb chihuahua and nearly didn't live.  

I do hope she will rethink her actions before she does something like that when I am not around to call him off of her.  Sheesh, and I can't think of what my 17 lb chihuahua (Yes, he's a giant) would do to her if she picked on him.  He loves to grab and shake snakes.

So, that's the play-by-play of the dog vs chicken smackdown.


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sharon fletcher said...

Talk about working out the pecking order lol!