Wednesday, February 4, 2015


by Robin

Yesterday, I was so thankful I had my trap set.  Look what I caught hanging around the chicken coop!!

 photo DSC_0145-1.jpg

I saw some digging a couple of days ago and set it then.  I thought it was rather small, like a rat or mouse digging.  I was thankful that I reinforced the bottom of my coop the weekend before.  It could have been a different ending to this story if I hadn't been paying attention.

Anyhow, the stinker totally tore up the cage, can inside and managed to remove the handle of the cage and use it as a way of locking himself to the coop wire.  Every time I tried to release the cage from the coop entanglement, he tried to attack me.  There was no way to unhook it without risking injury, so unfortunately, I could not release this one in a different location.

 photo DSC_0147-1.jpg

The other day, I also pulled beans and they were drying in the garden.  Not very dry though..... that's why I have them drying further on this wire table.  Good air flow keeps them from molding.

 photo DSC_0166-1.jpg

Aren't they just beautiful!!  These are Black Valentine Beans.

 photo DSC_0148-1.jpg

Well, after you pick the beans off, you're left with a mess.  LOL. That's why we have brooms.

And Lulu,  she benefits each harvest season too.

 photo DSC_0163-1.jpg

Empty space!!!  Well, almost.  I still have some sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes in there.

 photo DSC_0149-1.jpg

Time to think about planting there.

 photo DSC_0168-1.jpg

While I'm showing off this garden, I wanted to show you that my broccoli is bolting.

 photo DSC_0151-1.jpg

This is not good.  The heads were very small and

 photo DSC_0171-1.jpg

We did not have any freezes this year and it looks unlikely that we'll be very cold thru the remainder of February.  Maybe it is time to lay seed in the rest of the gardens.

 photo DSC_0154-1.jpg

 My cherry tomatoes (not shown) have been going all through the winter and a much slower pace than spring or summer. Less bugs though, so that is good for me. And then, my bigger tomatoes (above) are beginning to bloom too. I only have a couple of these winter voluntary ones. The chickens reseeded these. Ewwww. LOL.

My thyme is showing signs of new life too.  Greener, longer vines again.  I lost one variety (lemon) but still have the German Thyme.

 photo DSC_0180-1.jpg

Here is the bloom of a beautiful Thai Basil.  There's always something blooming and beautiful in the garden.

 photo DSC_0181-1.jpg

And I keep a couple azalea bushes around because they tell me when the cobia are migrating through our area.  My bushes are filled with them.  Should I go fishing??

 photo DSC_0176-1.jpg

Happy Gardening my friends!

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