Saturday, February 14, 2015

FEATHER BABIES - growing up

by Robin

My little girls are now 2.5 months.

 photo DSC_0010-1.jpg

They have all their back and tail feathers now. They were plucked pretty good from their cell mates at the feed & seed.

 photo DSC_0009-1.jpg

For the most part, they get along well with the big hens.  Some slight picking-on but mostly, they've just learned to stay clear of Queen Mallory.

 photo DSC_0001-1-2.jpg

Since I last blogged, we lost Pearl last week to a mysterious illness.  We woke up one day and she was just dazed.  I went to pet her and the other hens (AKA mostly Peaches) attacked her.  So, we isolated her to a dog crate.  Then, we hand fed her, tried to rehydrate her and keep her quiet.  We noticed her stomach was hard and distended.  Not sure if she was egg bound since she wasn't laying anyhow or possible she had peritonitis, which happens when they lay internally and all the yoke builds up, causing an infection.  That would be where I put my money.

 photo DSC_0084-1.jpg

Anyhow, nobody else was affected and she died that night.  She looked very peaceful in her hay.  She will be missed.

And Miss Lulu is still the cutest thing going on the back porch.  I do think she gets to come in for the night since we'll be in the 30's.

 photo DSC_0023-1.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

(I think my next photos will be of some handsome young men.  One is going to the dance.  The other just got a new car. )


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