Friday, March 6, 2015


by Robin

On the way home, last night, from the Mock City Council, we came across a terrible accident.  It must have happened in a split second before we noticed a big motorcycle straddled across US 1's southbound lanes.  I warned Jack and the car ahead of us swerved around it.  The traveling motorcyclist in the right lane, pulled off the road and tried to help too.

The second after seeing the motorcycle, we scanned and saw the body in the north-bound lane.  He was lifeless.  Jack ran out to the victim. A gentleman (boater) in the northbound lane, who had also seen the hit, also ran to the side of the victim.  I called 911.  As I was talking to dispatch, I saw another man also calling 911.  I was transferred to medical dispatch and repeated everything.  She asked me if he was breathing.

Honestly, I didn't know.  I got out of the car and approached all the concerned people and asked my husband if he was breathing.  He said, "Yes."  I looked down and saw a breath or two my own self.  I told dispatch, "Yes".   She asked if he was wearing a helmet.  I quickly glanced around and did not see one, "No."  She let me know help was on the way and I am pretty certain that I heard sirens by the time I hung up with her.

I heard the one gentleman talk about a car hitting him and then not only taking off after the accident, but also running the light just further up the road.  There was so much chaos.  Jack covered the man with a towel from our trunk.

It was hard to know whether or not to look  at Mr. Wells (name unknown at the time).  A lady medic (still in her Coastal Ambulance uniform but in a personal car), came running to us.  What relief.  I told myself there was nothing left to do but pray for him.  I took one glance at her as she quickly put her hair into a bun and I closed my eyes to pray.  It was soooo hard to know what to say.  Mostly, my heart was crying out, "Oh God! Oh God!"  I know that I said something about healing, something about giving the EMTs and doctors wisdom and something about the man's salvation.  I was completely unaware of the words being said over Mr Well's body but it has now been understood that the boater gentlemen lost the pulse and said that Mr Wells had expired.  The lady medic began CPR (at least 2 rounds) before Mr Well responded with a cough. I do think I peeked in my prayers at his body during CPR.   He was back but not conscious.

It must be some sort of shock that takes a person (myself) trained in science and having CPR training to not really register in my thoughts that he died.  I saw them working on him but for me... God heard my prayers and it wasn't "over" yet.  Nobody stops their efforts.  Not EMTs, 1st Responders or 1st Prayers.  There is still very much a great effort going on.  When my prayers were over, I took one more look at Mr Well's face.  I will refrain from any further descriptions.

I walked back to our car which was now  pinned between the crashed motorcycle and all the fire trucks in the south-bound lanes.  Traffic was 100% cut-off in both directions.  A blue van had stopped traffic in the north bound lanes until police had taken over.  The ambulance was just to the left of our car.

Our 15 yo son wanted to get out.  I kept shutting the door and pointing the finger, saying "No!"  After the 3rd time, something in me just stopped fighting it.  My boy was becoming a man.  He just spent the month in Driver's Ed class and had watched the horrid movie, "Red Asphalt."  I took a moment to listen to him.  He wanted some fresh air.  He needed to see and comment from his perspective that cars just don't see motorcyclist very well.  All motorcyclist need helmets.  I couldn't respond even though I knew the exact statistic & slide he was referring to from class.  He was right, but it was such an awful time to have philosophical debate while watching Mr. Wells be loaded onto a back-board from afar.

Still numb, I got into my passenger side and left my 15 yr old to his own thoughts.  I saw Jack look up at him a couple times.  Normally, I think Jack would have reprimanded him for getting out of the car when told not to; but, that deep, visceral pain of watching Mr. Wells in his final minutes melted discipline into mercy and compassion.  They shared a hug, or something like that.

My mind was changing focus to the officer taking photos.  They were looking for something amongst the broken parts.  It dawned on me that my professional camera was at my feet.  Was that ethical or not?  I grabbed it and snapped a couple pics but quickly put it back in its case.  By that time, my son got back in the car.  Jack came to the window to let me know that he was not released to leave the scene until they got his information.

I looked forward and noticed the man standing outside his blue van (north-bound lane) was chain smoking.  In fact, a lot of folks on the side of the road, by the marina, all seemed to be chain smoking.  I saw Mr. Well being transported into the ambulance.  They were bagging him oxygen.  Jack would later tell me that the EKG was flat-lined again. I tried praying one more time.  I wanted so desperately to have a mighty, believing faith that Mr. Wells would be healed but my eyes told my heart differently.  I knew that if he was alive by morning, it would be a miracle only God could do.

Soon, the officer was taking Jack's info and then he did a great job of guiding us between the motorcycle and fire truck.  We had to drive on the shoulder until we passed all the debris and possible evidence.

It was a quiet drive home.  Jack and I spoke some once we got our son into the house.  After that, we went in the house and did our best to watch some tv and relax.  *Try*  I laid in bed.  Cried.  He held my hand.  Finally, he dozed off.   I have no idea how Jack got to sleep. I got up.  Our son was up until almost 2 am.  He said the accident didn't bother him, but...   not sure I believe that.   I was up until 3 am.  I finally took something that would intentionally help me sleep.  It took almost until 4 am for that to work.  I was back up at 8:30, wide awake.

And then the thoughts started up again.  I saw the news that Mr. Wells was pronounced dead at the hospital.  The tears flowed again.  I felt myself glued to social media and friends offering prayers.  Eventually, I had to get out of the house to clear my head.  I took a walk with my endurance dog.  :)  We ran into our Worship Pastor & his wife.  I think that was a divine appointment because they knew what we had been through.  I continued on with my Christian tunes in my ears.  The tears flowed freely again and again.  I have never wished so hard for the Holy Spirit wind to flow through my dry bones and refresh my spirit.  I was a wounded soldier for Christ waiting for that wind to fill my soul so I could "fight" again.

I know it will happen.  God is giving me time to grieve for this man I didn't know.  I still grieve for his family.  They lost their loved one so suddenly.  I wish I could give them a hug.  A part of me wants the runner found but I truly think my role through all this was to glorify God by praying for this man who was entering into eternity.  Jesus didn't die for those to perish without hope.  I was interceding on his behalf.

I have included the links to the one news organization and the other newspaper pulled their link already.  However, I screen-saved it earlier today.

If you read this and have some time, please pray for Mr. Well's family and for our family.  I am so very thankful for all the first responders who are able to put emotions aside to give immediate aid to victims like this.

If you don't know Jesus as your personal Savior, please comment to me below.  I would love to lead you to that decision and pray for you.


Deadly Hit-n-Run 

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