Friday, March 6, 2015

Mid-80's~~ Beach Break!

by Robin

It is so hard to stay disciplined in 80 degree weather!!!  Add on 2 doctor appts (well-checks) and.. then, that just gives you an excuse to do a double-day's worth of work the next day.  LOL
 photo DSC_0092-1.jpg

It was only 20 minutes of a vacation, but it was worth it!!

 photo DSC_0093-1.jpgWe even found free parking with a meter that already had time on it.  Yeah!!

I looked for manta rays and whales but I couldn't see any.  The only thing calling my name was the top of my eyelids!

 photo DSC_0105-1.jpg

And I found a friend.  Not a chicken, but close.  LOL

 photo DSC_0102-1.jpg

My camera takes amazing photos in the sunlight!

 photo DSC_0102-1-3.jpg

LOL    My date for the day!  Can you believe I had to bribe him to get him on sand??

 photo DSC_0106-1-2.jpg


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