Friday, March 6, 2015


by Robin

Our son (center) and many of his home schooling friends (and public school scholars) all had their night to shine.

 photo DSC_0118-1-3.jpg

It was about 6 wks of preparation.  Orientation meeting, matching up with a job description, followed by shadowing your actual real city official.  Then, they did a dress rehearsal before coming tonight.

 photo DSC_0100-1-3.jpg

Wow!!  I forgot these were kids!!

 photo DSC_0114-1-3.jpg

Wow!!!  I forgot they weren't debating real subjects.  Look, they had council tv's!!  Everything was recorded.

 photo DSC_0113-1-3.jpg

Congrats kids!!  Fabulous job of not only looking the part but truly growing up to be exemplary young citizens!   (Below are our NBHSA high schoolers.)

 photo DSC_0121-1-3.jpg

Maybe one day, my son will not just play Economic Developer but BE one!!

I'm so proud of you!!

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