Thursday, April 23, 2015


by Robin

Since I was recording my dill recipe earlier, I thought maybe it would be good to have a record of my bread-n-butter ones too.  I picked these last Thurs & Friday ( 2-day process).

I picked 31 cucumbers this day.  These were rather large. (My first big harvest of the season.) I let many of them get huge like a salad cucumber.

 photo DSC_0010-1_5.jpg

But, it was worth it to have so many at once and then make 10 quarts of pickles.  So, in the below picture, you can see I take off the ends and then grab my mandolin slicer for a long hour or so of slicing.  I'm not kidding when I say hour.

 photo DSC_0017-1_1.jpg

I filled half of my massive canning pot.

 photo DSC_0019-1_1.jpg

Then, I worked on 8 sweet bell peppers.  I had to buys these because mine aren't ready yet in the garden.

 photo DSC_0008-1_2.jpg

Mandolin slice these down too.  Then, I also give them another chop by knife to knock them down in size.

 photo DSC_0012-1_3.jpg

Grab a bag of onions.  These are yellow.  I think we went with 4 or 5 of them.

 photo DSC_0011-1_1.jpg

Looks so purdy!

 photo DSC_0016-1_3.jpg

Ok, remember that pot of cucumbers waiting on the counter??  Add the peppers and onions to them.

 photo DSC_0018-1_2.jpg

Thankfully, I had plenty of room remaining at the top of the pot.  Remember, this made 10 quarts!!

 photo DSC_0019-1_1.jpg

Gorgeous!   This is the stage where we added the 1/4 cup of salt.  Doesn't look like it would be enough but trust me, 1/2 cup was too much.  Last year, we iced it down and left it in the garage over night but this year, I had space to put it in my garage frig. That worked good too.

 photo DSC_0021-1_1.jpg

So, the next morning, get your 'cured' cukes, peppers and onions out.  Drain and rinse the excess salt away.  This is where I take a sample of one of them. If they are unbearable salty, soak them with water to get the excess out.  Hopefully, they aren't too bad.

Below is the actual recipe.   The changes I make are cutting the salt back to 1/4, maybe 1/3 if you had a monster batch, but we actually had to soak the pickles to remove salt when we tried 1/2.  It was way too much.  Also, we cut the sugar from 5 cups to 3 cups.  Still, very sweet.

Bread and Butter Pickles 2

Boil up your brine, fill your sterile quart jars up (I prefer the wide-mouth for these since the cukes are so big.) with filling veggies, then brine.

Then, I went ahead and put the jars under a  rolling, boiling water for a good 15 minutes to sterilize the whole thing.

And that is how I turn this many cukes into....

 photo DSC_0020-1_4.jpg

10 jars of bread and butter pickles!!  You can eat them the very next day.

 photo DSC_0022-1_3.jpg

I took one of my jars to a picnic and people just loved them.

Happy Pickling,

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