Thursday, April 23, 2015


by Robin

Woke up and saw immediately that I had my work cut out for me this morning.

So, I made a cup of coffee, bowl of oatmeal and had breakfast with my best friends.

Spend a good 2 hrs in the garden this morning with doing some much needed maintenance.  We've had a lot of rain all week and my tomatoes fell over.  Time to tie up again and cut suckers.

Also, I had 2 fences collapsing from too much weight ( a good problem).  I always keep extra stakes in the shed for mid-season assistance.

Found one caterpillar that needed removing and feeding to the chickens.

Now, I'm back in the house and the storms are coming early.  Time to get sleepy head moving and taking his test.  My other one should be coming in soon from college.

I also have about 30 something pickles that need slicing for making dill chips.

God bless,

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