Wednesday, April 15, 2015


by Robin

Here are the pictures from today.

This is Garden #2.  It is one very happy, hot mess.  My okra didn't do very well because that drip line is having issues but there are drying beans, dill, kale, purple and green cabbage, Campari tomatoes, Big tomatoes, Big Mama paste tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos and cucumbers.  That's pretty much it left to right. Various onions were inserted where other things died out.

 photo DSC_0008-1_1.jpg

Purple cabbage.

 photo DSC_0010-1_4.jpg

Red Russian Kale.

 photo DSC_0012-1_2.jpg

Black Valentine (drying) beans - these are a small set mostly to provide me with replacement beans for the fall sowing season.

 photo DSC_0013-1_2.jpg

Campari tomatoes.  These seeds were originally saved on a paper towel.  The original seed came from Publix grocery store, but it grows great in the Florida soil.

 photo DSC_0016-1_1.jpg

This is an internal view from the beans to 3 different tomatoes.
 photo DSC_0018-1_1.jpg

The cucumbers!  Burpless variety.

 photo DSC_0025-1_1.jpg

I have not been getting many female blooms this past week and I was wondering if it was connected to the moon phase or evening heat.  But, then it hit me, I have so many loading down the plant, maybe it throws males until it is ready to handle more fruit.  So, I picked a good many of them.

 photo DSC_0028-1_4.jpg

Bell pepper bloom.  Time to spray down with my epsom salt fertilizer.

 photo DSC_0035-1.jpg

Garden #2 again, from the front.  See, I have open patches I need to throw more seed in.

 photo DSC_0037-1.jpg

This is garden #1.  It had a lot of winter broccoli that is still producing and blooming for bees.  I also have Mayflower (drying) beans in there.  I didn't want to do that but so many fell out from the last harvest, they replanted themselves.

 photo DSC_0038-1_1.jpg

This is the backside of Garden #1.  You can better see the pineapple and yellow squash (right) and zucchini (back).

 photo DSC_0039-1_3.jpg

Just another view.

 photo DSC_0041-1.jpg

Zucchini. I had my first bloom get fertilized today. Yeah.  This is the last year I'm trying these "Sure Thing".  They did not throw any female blooms last year and this year, very slow to produce.

 photo DSC_0042-1_1.jpg

I have mostly oregano in this picture.  Some sweet potato vines, creeping grass, zucchini (left).
 photo DSC_0043-1.jpg

31 cucumbers, 3 yellow squash.  Not pictured: 1 okra, broccoli and kale leaves.

 photo DSC_0045-1_1.jpg

I started my seed Feb 5th and so it has taken 2 months and a week to get this gorgeous harvest.

Happy Gardening!

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