Saturday, April 4, 2015


by Robin

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My son and I volunteered last year at this horse rescue farm and even though he's done with his volunteer time, I am not.

It reminds me of my childhood and when I had horses.   I want to just take this guy home with me.

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After I photographed the lunar eclipse on the property, I walked around as the sun rose and took a good hundred photos of beautiful & happy rescue horses.

 photo DSC_0188-1-2Arabclean.jpg

I have many more to downsize but they're in a folder waiting for the rescue owner to decide which ones she wants first.  Then, I'll use a rainy day to go ahead and clean some up for the blog.  These were my favorite two.

The little Arab (above) was taken in last weekend and she is shedding out from a brown baby into a gray mare.  She has such a gorgeous, refined head.  She really is a pet wanting attention.

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I just love how peaceful it is out here.  My view this morning.  The moon went over those trees and the fog was rolling by.

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