Saturday, May 2, 2015


by Robin

Earlier, I have posted my Bread and Butter recipe and a modified dill recipe (non-hot) for you.  But, I picked another 32 cucumbers this week and pollinated another dozen the past 2 days.

 photo DSC_0163Cukes.jpg

Today's pic (5/2/15).  The missing cucumbers that dodged yesterday's picking.

 photo DSC_0164CukesOkraChToms.jpg

Well, I'm getting creative.  Afterall, I have a couple teenage boys in the house and I'm always concerned with providing all of us with healthy alternatives.

I was blessed with a dehydrator for my birthday and it was sitting there waiting on tomatoes.  Might as well learn how to use it this weekend!  Here it is loaded up with one experimental tray.

 photo DSC_0165DehyCukes.jpg

I have to say, I oversalted but these are VERY doable for treats.  This below picture was taken at the 2 hr point and I will try another one at the 3 hr point.   I'm thinking < 4 hrs drying time at 135 deg will make a perfect chip.

 photo DSC_0169CukeChips.jpg

Here are another picture I took over the week.

 photo DSC_0159SqZukesOkra.jpg

Also had a nice couple of zucchini to play with.  Used this recipe (below), but with regular flour and I fried them since I was also frying the okra.  Great vegan recipe!

Zucchini Fritters

Kudos to the recipe creator!!  You nailed it.  I will be making these throughout the summer.

 photo DSC_0160Zuke Fritters.jpg

Dilling more hamburger chips with fresh dill heads from the garden!  I didn't count the exact number that went into this but it produced 1 qt and 1 pt of hamburger dill chips.

 photo DSC_0166DillChips.jpg

Making Gherkins with these small-mid-sized cucumbers.  Basically about 4 in in size. A little big for a gherkin but it kills me to pull these < 3 inches.  These are sitting in boiled water until they cool.  Then you repeat the process a couple more times before you put salt on them.

 photo DSC_0167Gherkins.jpg

Making Gherkins is a multi-day process, which I am still trying to find a way to condense into a 2 or 3 day (max) process.

Happy Gardening!

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