Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I'm BACK!!! - video of Scalloping at Crystal River

by Robin

Oh my......... I can't believe I haven't been here in so long.  I'd love to get this blog active again.

It was a long year of teaching at the homeschool co-op and I have since begun retirement from teaching.  My youngest is dual-enrolled at college.  My eldest is over at University of Central Florida on his last year of college.  They just grow up so quickly!!

I spend every Thursday volunteering at the rescue horse farm.  I have been building up my skills at photography and then began my own photography business this spring!!   It was a monster to create my own website but it was well worth the effort.

After that, I bought a go-pro and movie software.  Long before the business, I always had the desire to put our life into movies.  We were seeing so many cool things on the ocean and through the life around us.  It seemed like a logical step.

We've taken a couple quick vacations this summer.  I still have yet to create the movie for our Pensacola trip.  Yesterday, I finished up the movie of our scalloping trip at Crystal River from last weekend!

Here it is!

My garden is almost completely dead.  I have yet to pick the last pineapple out there and peppers and then I can till it all under.   By August, we'll move in manure and look to see what we want to plant again.  I can tell you that eggplant will be on that menu because it performed so well this spring.

What didn't work in the garden was following Jack's advice of just fertilizing with a store product.  That did not give me even half the results of just regular manure.  It pays to grab the horse poop, especially since I have such great access to it.

I'm done for now, but promise not to be such a stranger.



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