Friday, November 10, 2017

2017 Fall Gardening in Florida

by Robin

I was VERY LATE in getting my seed into the ground because we dealt with Hurricane Irma and then flooding rains in my county a couple times.  After that, we continued with heat like the summer.  So, when I bought seeds (from Johnny's Seeds), I kept in mind that this would be a very quick growing season. I felt like my animals were putting on heavy coats so I prepared for super cold weather crops too.

So, in no particular order....You have to forgive my weeds.  I'm doing my best to keep them out but this is newly cut land in most the garden, so I'm out there every day trying to get it under control!

American Broccoli.  I put these close to the chickens as they really enjoy the leaves through the winter & spring months.
 photo DSC_5439.jpg

Italian Broccoli
 photo DSC_5440.jpg

Black Valentine (drying) bean
 photo DSC_5441.jpg

Sunflowers on the top side and Hybrid Chinese cabbage on the bottom row.  Truly an accidental double seeding.  I hope they will seem to co-habitate.
 photo DSC_5444.jpg

 Cherry Tomato (I call them Hurricane but I've also recently heard them called Everglade tomatoes.)
 photo DSC_5446.jpg

 Pepper.  I have no idea which variety it is!  It was a volunteer that I moved to a spicket.
 photo DSC_5450.jpg

 Canellini (drying, white) Beans
 photo DSC_5452.jpg

Baby parsley in the far back. Giants of Italy variety
 photo DSC_5455.jpg

 Volunteer tomato (which I had MANY!)
 photo DSC_5458.jpg

Tiger hybrid Collards
 photo DSC_5460.jpg

 Leeks (only had a handful of these transfer over)
 photo DSC_5463.jpg

Hybrid Main Carrots (mostly for my bunny, Lulu)
 photo DSC_5465.jpg

Celery.  I started them in starter cups but I somewhat neglected them and only got 2 of them that made the transfer into the big garden.  I may have to cheat and buy some.
 photo DSC_5462.jpg

Bouquet Dill.  Looks a lot like carrots but on the other side of the garden.  LOL.  I am super happy to see this germinate.  This was saved seed.
 photo DSC_5454.jpg

I'm pretty certain this is Turnips.  We hated turnips when I grew them a few years ago but I wanted to use the seed. I'm sure the bunny or chickens will enjoy this crop.
 photo DSC_5451.jpg

I had a few of these tomatoes.  Not sure if they were big or small tomatoes.
 photo DSC_5449.jpg

Unknown at this point but looks like cherry tomato.
 photo DSC_5445.jpg

I believe these are the hybrid Chinese cabbage babies again (looks like a sunflower on the left).
 photo DSC_5443.jpg

Sweet (Genovese) basil
 photo DSC_5466.jpg

Sweet potato vine growing through rosemary herb bush
 photo DSC_5486.jpg

Sweet potato leaves, showing a variety of coloration
 photo DSC_5485.jpg

Offshoot of a pineapple plant that has already produced one fruit.  I believe it may produce again in the spring.
 photo DSC_5484.jpg

Another off-shoot of another plant.
 photo DSC_5483.jpg

My lime tree was moved from the shade of a bleeding heart vine to be out in the open where it could get more light and water through the winter.  Looks sad but did produce well last year. Time to fertilize and mulch.
 photo DSC_5482.jpg

Lemon basil (volunteer from spring seeds)
 photo DSC_5480.jpg

 photo DSC_5478.jpg

Cilantro again.
 photo DSC_5477.jpg

Giant of Italy flat-leaf parsley, leftover from Spring. It had a little bit of shock after I moved it but seems to have recovered.
 photo DSC_5476.jpg

Partial row of the All-Star lettuce mix
 photo DSC_5475.jpg

Another section of the row of All-Star lettuce (plus weeds).
 photo DSC_5474.jpg

Another All-Star Lettuce Mix photo
 photo DSC_5473.jpg

Salanova Red Butter lettuce (I only got 13 seeds and I think most, if not all,  of them germinated.)
 photo DSC_5472.jpg

Another Salanova Red Butter amongst the weeds.
 photo DSC_5470.jpg

Ridgeline MT0 Romaine Lettuce
 photo DSC_5469.jpg

Ridgeline MT0 Romaine Lettuce (amongst the weeds).  Some type of grass went airborne and landed all amongst the lettuce!  It's been a slow process of getting it removed and making sure I didn't pull lettuce instead.
 photo DSC_5468.jpg

Here is the overview of the entire garden.  In cataloging my garden tonight, I realized that I had a partial open row in the far back.  I will look for my Red Russian Kale seeds and fill in that gap. Btw, if you look back in the history, you'll noticed that I formerly had two gardens.  The only that used to be closer to the house was disassembled and left to become yard again because of multiple reasons.  One being that we are going to be doing some construction on the house, new roof, fix the porch and trim trees.  The garden would have just been trampled if we kept it going.  Secondly, we wanted to move to a sunnier location and now that the chickens were no longer in this area, it was an easy decision to cut in this garden.  It was also made deeper back to the fence.  Third, we wanted to begin mulching much like the Back to Eden gardening method to help keep moisture control with the roots for our plants and improve soil quality to the Florida sand that is naturally here.  And last, this is the view from my kitchen sink.  I love being able to see the full garden now.  Gardening brings me joy and peace.  It's a great place to sit and pray or just think about life. 

 photo DSC_5481.jpg